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Taking life one hot chocolate at a time and when disaster strikes, one fake smile at a time. That is how I roll, no rainbows or butterflies here... only food, quirk, randomness and pictures.

Liebster Award Nom

Big up Zoya for the nom – love ya, Zazu x

Although, you also nominated the 3 of the people I would have nominated so ergo, I have no one to nominate now. I literally know no one on here and I have 700 followers. Go figure.

Nevertheless… thought I’d answer these questions. Coz haven’t blogged in time and its Saturday night and I am doing naff all #catlady.

  1. One skill you wish you could learn/master? driving, i drive, but appallingly, i’m scared of going anywhere with roundabouts and i live somewhere FULL of roundabouts…oh and maths.
  2. Favourite book? this one is real hard; p.s. i love you? don’t be sad – would be a toss between those two…
  3. The most unusual item you own…? Ooh, i like this one, i’m boring as hell though so not sure i have an answer for it…
  4. What is your ultimate aim in life? if only i knew ya’ll, to publish my stupid book, to find peace of mind, to please my mother who is honestly so hard to please, don’t tell her i said that.
  5. Favourite TV show right now and why? Nothing currently on air, The Mindy Project reruns… and for some reason Two Pints reruns which makes me feel like the biggest chav.
  6. How accurate is your Zodiac sign in describing you? i never read those – ever, so wouldn’t know.
  7. In a parallel universe, at this moment, you would be doing what? better.
  8. Share a quote or inspirational saying that changed your life in some way. you can’t have it all where would you put it?
  9. One city/country you have always dreamt of visiting – india
  10. What made you start your own blog? loneliness + a passion for writing.
  11. One thing that really, really winds you up…? people, OVERLY positive people, haram police, when people type “women” instead of “woman”, people who talk to you when their life is dead but drop you like you’re hot when their life fills up, people not replying to messages; get over yourself we al have the same 24 hours in a day… oh wait, the question said one. My bad.

11 facts about me? Really? That wouldn’t be overkill? Aight.

1. I am a conversational junkie.

2. I am a minimalist in progress. I try to own as little as possible.

3. I write letters to strangers anonymously and leave them lying round. People get hyper when they find them. Its actually pretty cool to make people smile by doing so little.

4. I am ALWAYS tired. Pretty sure I have chronic fatigue syndrome.

5. I can’t do maths to save my life. Even simple stuff.

6. I want to retire early.

7. I’m the “will do anything for you” kind of friend. I don’t love that about me. Makes you an easy target for users.

8. Kindness tops most things for me.

9. I am a carbie Barbie.

10. I have hamster cheeks.

11. I am very the hilarious.


Remember Cinnamon?

-Hey ya’ll… or you know, 3.5 people who still read me (out of 7 bloody hundred) … today is my 1st Friday off work since going part time and long story short here is how I spent it;


A Friday morning well spent? Yeah, I think so.

-Ya’ll remember Cinnamon? The pregnant stray kitten I rescued in Ramdan? Well, she is up for adoption!

They let her and her baabies spend as much time together as possible with a volunteer foster carer and now that the babies have been weaned off mum, they have gone to seperate homes and Cinnamon is up for adoption and will find a forever home herself!!!!! She is off the streets forever!!!!!

Guys. My heart is singing and full to the point of burst! Doing good in the world is underrated.

Do something for someone else today. And because I am starting to sound like an advert I will end this post now…

This is Cinnamon in the box she gave birth in on the street…

And this is Cinnamon today; clean, vaccinated, warm, healthy and ready for a new forever home!!!!

Wake me up when September ends

-because it has not even started and I am dreading it ugh.

-its almost 2am and I can’t sleep so I’ve come to get some words off my chest in the hope that that helps me sleep…

Carrying on with the insomnia theme;

-when I can’t sleep, I look at the #randomactofkindness on instagram and it genuinely lights up my soul – I don’t care that the actions are not always random, that they’re documented on social media and that they’re “paraded.” Just let the feel good vibes spread ya’ll. I highly recommend it. Though be warned, within 15 minutes of browsing, I’m normally crying. So this might happen to you to…

-I’ve been thinking of writing letters again. Like old school ink and paper ones. As someone who recieves nothing but bills via the mail, I can’t tell you how refereshing it is to just recieve words for the sake of it. I’m gonna do this on my social media but will mention it on here too; If you’d like a handwritten, mailed letter dm me (@leetamo) your address and I shall happily comly – unless your famalam disapprove so please be over 18 and happy me for me to have your address. Last time I got 6 requests from blog alone. This year blog’s dead though so I am not anticipating a great response but the offer’s there.

-I figure soon I’m gonna be old(er) and cynical to things like this; air mail, acts of kindness, so whilst I have it in me, I wanna keep the social awareness, acts of kindness candle… well lit shall we say?

Make sense?

-is it hot where you all are? Its roasting in my neck of the woods. British heat is thee worst. No where has AC. Fans are out of stock by May. So you have June, July and August to just swelter. Its a whole thing. Sticky and sweaty and hot weather is the worst.

-i for one cannot wait for Autumn.

-i have decided to let go of some people in my life for the best… and it hurts to know that our relationship is not what it used to be but i am SICK to death of being the one to always make the effort and never have it reciprocated so I’m done trying.

-i got asked a random question the other day about what social experiment I would carry out given the chance. And I had an answer. I probably will never act out on it. But, I want to conduct an experiment investigating how treatment changes when hijabis take the hijab off.

…because I’m sadly informed by some that have done it that it improves dramatically.

-what is this world?

More whining and some findings

-I learnt something interesting recently about human behaviour… in particular; mine. I heard Jay Shetty mention it. Google him if you’re not familiar. He’s real deep. Anyway he said;

“when we’ve had a moment, an experience, our mind forces us to want to re-live that experience rather than have a powerful new one. the pain comes from wanting to have the same experience not believing that there is one that can supersede that again. our mind tricks us. we keep coming up with new ways of having the same experiences again…”

-And my God is he right. I do this a lot. If I have a good experience conversing with someone, I am likely to want to speak to them again over speaking to someone new. If the barista making my coffee is banterous I am likely to want to go back to the same place for the banter rather than go somewhere closer / cheaper / new etc…

– I dunno that if it’s healthy to be live like this, because it means you ate esaentially excluding yourself from potentially good experiences by default when you keep frequenting familiar alley. But I don’t think its as bad as he is painting it out to be. There’s comfort in the familiar. And in this hard ass world, can you ever really have too much comfort?

-I feel like the summer is almost over and I have done naff all. Soon I will be back at work and wonder why I blew the summer away. I wish I didn’t have such a collossal writer’a block..

-Blog is dead but my life is socially deader. Like bruh…

-I am finding that people are dropping from my life like hot cakes… its the most bizarre feeling. I am forced to consider the fact that perhaps I am not an easy person to befriend. But see I am reasonable enough to consider that as a real possibility, I don’t turn a blind eye and claim perfection which is more than can I say for some…

-Making friends after 30 is hard bro. Harder than my GCSE maths paper and I failed that bad boy twice – she said proudly.

– I told off two kids yesterday. Well, I threatened them with the police actually. They were throwing rocks at some cats. And I went mental. It was international cats day yesterday as well for God’s sake!!

-Anywau in all the doom and gloom, comedy is keeping me afloat and for now this sign is the level of funny I aspire to be 👌🏽

Blog is dead

Ya’ll what happened? Blog is super dead.

-Did we get old? Are we just less invested in things? We all started blogs presumably due to a fondness of writing. But now we seldom do so. I don’t like to think its because we are always busy. I try and avoid saying that line…no one is busy. We all have 24 hours a day. Depends what we priotirise in them.

-Life has been taking over and so blogging hit rock bottom for me. Ain’t nobody here awake anyway.

-My brother’s wedding felt like it was complete shambles. On paper we planned it meticulously but on the day everything flopped and it was chaotic – some of it oue fault other was circumstantional. I started to feel the onset of a panic attack. I went for some words of wisdom from my uncle and he said to me; don’t be sad, if people want a super organised 3 course dinner, they should have gone to a restaurant not a wedding. Focus on the bride and grooms smiling nothing else matters. His words didn’t fix the chaos or the series of unfortunate events that happened. But…. they healed me a little.

-Everyone said I exaggerated and it wasn’t as bad as I made out… anyone else blow things out of proportion like I do?

-Sometimes we plan and plan but life will do what it wants to anyway you know? Kher it was one night no big deal when put into perspective.

-So my new instagram was closed down for review for reasons unknown to me still – moment to laugh at that please. Had to revert back to my old one. So much for a clean start. Actually I rinsed my followers and only kept those I interact with closely. Its not about how many followers for me anymore. I hate having people on my lists of people I never speak to. Like whats the point you know? Unless youre a business page I suppose then I understand that there’s safety in numbers.

-That being said, I could not locate all my old followers because I forgot so feel free to poke me on insta. You know the drill.

-I have 5 weeks of free time ahead of me and other than coffee shop hopping, I don’t know how to spend it… soul searching? Nah too deep.

-I did come up with a concept of funny Arabic greeting cards to sell before realising that for an Arab, I know 0 Arabs having spent most of my life chatting up desi’s. Smh. I’m paying for that mishap now aren’t I. Le sigh.