Good news + Bad news = God help us all.

-Aight folks, Ima keep it real wichoo. I’m currently on some kind of self destructive slide that’s heading to doomsville at full speed and I cannot locate the brakes. So if this post comes across as dark – my bad. But its the end of the year and I am full on burning out. If I mean anything to you at all, throw a duaa my way coz your girl is desperate.

-A lot of people I am coming across recently are asking to be twatted – I am in the mood for nobody right now. Does anyone ever feel like this? It’s the heaviest damn feeling, ugh.

-The glorious elections have ended and the prejudiced gits aka Conservatives have won by an overwhelming majority which means that Britain now is a frightening place to live if you are any shade darker than beige. Pray for your fellow immigrant innit. There’s been many racial incidents of girls being attacked, hijabs being used to strangle their owners and all sorts of crap happening pre election results. I dread to think what’s in store for us now that the vote is out. I truly do.


-I don’t know about calling them resolutions per se; but I have a few desires for this new year, assuming I am still around to see it. Life’s short and who knows if I will make it to the other side?

• This is the year to not bother with people for me. I have bothered with people for far too long and it has drained me big time. Ergo, this is going to be the year of; if you want to be a part of my life; welcome aboard and if you don’t; sod off inneh. I ain’t chasing no mofos this year. I physically cannot cope with the bakwas anymore.

• I lowkey want to (at least try to) send minimal voice notes this year. If you have my number; you will know I am a voice note junkie. It’s borderline an addiction. Ironically, I hate the sound of my own voice. Fun fact; I sould like a man 👌🏽 if you know, you know.

*crowd cheers at prospect of less voice notes*

• Every year I say this and this year is no different; I will find the thing that will make my parents proud of me; job, husband, kids, money kuch bhi, I will find it, I will do it, I will be it inshallah. Because life’s too short not to try and make your parents happy. And no one is harder to figure out than a Desi / Arab parent so… it doesn’t help that I have no idea what will make them proud. Efforts are nevertheless still in progress to make them happy.

-My books is inshallah well on the way, the interior is being formatted as we speak. Well, actually it isn’t; I’m waiting for the girl from fiverr to get back to me but it’s night time in India now. Smh. It got edited tho and despite saying they will only edit grammar and spelling I was surprised to recieve the following from my editor;

– I truly cannot deal you guys. I know the book is good, ygm? That’s why I cannot give up on it. But hearing others say it is so, so nice and heart warming!!! I am counting on ya’ll to buy and review it when it does come out inshallah! Do me proud, gang. I will make it free at some point so ya’ll can get it for free. Don’t worry cheapos desi’s; I got your back 👊🏽 I want reviews more than the buys inneh.

– Funfact, I too sometimes see it as a movie too. Netflix are you listening? I wanna cast chaiwala for the role of the hero. Jk, jk, jk 🤣✌🏽

– Speaking of chai. I want French Toast… random? My bad. I do though… mmm French Toast…


  1. They way you used the word ‘baqwas’ comes from the heart, I feel it! AND I AGREE!
    OMG about vns!!! I used to like never ever send voice notes, but then one of my close friends (Part Yemeni like you 😀 ) she always used to send them. And now my desire is same as yours. To reduce!!
    Hey I think even I told you it would make a good movie! 😀 Sinan and Leyla. See it’s been years but I remember the names. ( I hope I spelled them right lol).

    Ufff stop Tam, now I want French toast, but no time to make it. Eat an extra slide on my behalf will you? 😛
    Much love. ❤

    1. Next time french toast is being consumed in your honour; promise. Lol @ yemeni, must be a yemeni thing talking too much 🤣 subhanallah started this blog hella anonymous. Now everyone knows I’m yemeni, most people know my real name. And yes pray for Sinan and Leyla to be a movie then when Netflix call me I will hold a meeting and all us gals are gonna have a meeting to discuss who to cast. Now. Where would we hold this meeting seeing as we are scattered all over the globe? 🤔

      1. Ahaha it happens. I think the reason people know is because 1- you had a blog post about Yemen and a photo of a beautiful kid.
        Do I know your name? 😛
        Idky I don’t even have Netflix, and I just don’t like it. Hehe. But yes prayers for the movie!
        It can be a video meeting ahahaha. Distance can’t separate creativity!

      2. Nah we have to have a physical meeting with snacks. I didn’t like netflix. But it has grown on me. It’s better than regular tv and we have to aim low, I doubt Hollywood would want my book. Lol Idk if you do, maybe? Someone on blog outted my first name a while ago; lucky guess. Then everyone came to know. Le sigh.

      3. Okay, anything for snacks!
        Haha hmm I think I am kind of dumb, so I probably don’t know. Anyway, tell me how’s the weather there? Your hols already started sa7?
        And since a long time ago, you didn’t post anything related to minimalism. 😦

      4. Hahaha. Its all good. The real name sucks anyway. I am not being very minimal at the moment but still trying. No holidays yet, this is my last week at work then christmas, then I turn 32; whoop! Weather is cold and wet which sucks. I like cold and dry.

      5. Same here, special in terms of clothes.
        YOU ARE LUCKY! I have exams. 😦 It’s been rainy here, which is wow for us and nah for you. 😛
        Enjoy hols! ❤ Take care. Pray for me.

      6. It rains everyday here. It’s horrible and brings all the slugs out. Kher. All the best for exams may you smash them all inshallah x

  2. No more voice notes?! WHAAAAT?? After getting me hooked on to them, you’re just going to stop? No way not happening mate hahaha. You’re inspiring me to restart my blog tooooo

    1. Loool kameeno. I was waiting for one of ya’ll to say; nah tam’s voice notes zindabaad 🤦🏽‍♀️ ya’ll don’t pick up me hints smh.

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