A bit of ego strokage never hurt anyone

So it’s been a minute since I last wrote. I have literally been doing nothing beyond work, eat and sleep and really what way is that to live…

Soon inshallah, I shall be celebrating 32 years on this earth which is kind of deep actually, I have always thought I would die before 30 – Idk why? I do lads, its coz I’m morbid as hell innit.


I figured I would compile a list of 10 things I have achieved in my 32 years to cheer myself up about being old enough to be everybody’s aunty now. Yes, its an egotistical excercise but a healthy one as well. I We can be so self deprocating sometimes that things like this are necessary.

Here goes nothing something;

1. I bought a house. Mashallah me.

2. I became the first desi-arab in my circle to move out without getting married. Yep. I am now your Queen people. Jk, don’t get trigerred.

3. I got over my fear of cats and have been raising this Queen for almost 3 years mashallah. I took her from living on the street essentially and like to think gave her a better life. No shame man; she’s my best friend – easy. Don’t buri nazar my billi please. Say mashallah. Here she is on the prayer mat, praying for me to leave her alone a long life for me.

4. I have kept the same job without getting sacked for coming up to a decade mashallah 🤣

5. I wrote a friggin book that, sod it, I will be SELF publishing (again) soon because the traditional publishing industry in England is a) overcrowded and b) extremely prejudiced. For shame, England. For SHAME.

6. I am slowly but surely pushing myself to do more photography because I am good at it. It’s hard but you gotta do whatcha gotta do…

7. I got back into writing letters! And it is EPIC.

8. I’m doing a lot in the name of kindness. *Be kind* has been my mantra since leaving high school where frankly, no one was kind, but I’m being proactive about it now.

9. I have made a BUNCH of friends online and you people know more about me than actual people in my life. I’ve formed many meaningful relationships on this platform in particular and whilst its true that we will probably never meet because then you will discover how utterly uncool I am offline, you guys have impacted my life in a positive manner and honestly, I hope I have too. Some of ya’ll were wastemans too who I regret allowing in my DMs but minor 🤣 you live and learn ✌🏽

10. I have finally learnt to stop texting people who never bother texting me 1st. Because honestly, life is too short to chase after people who don’t prioritise you as much as you do them.

The countdown to 32 begins and I shall do my level best to make it a good one. Because 31 wasn’t all that.

Peace ✌🏽


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