Warrup ya’ll. Long time no speak inneh. How’s everybody doing? She asked and no one answered.

-I feel like 2020 is gonna be the one. Mostly because Ima work my ass off to make it so.

-Admittedly, I start most new years super pumped to try new things and honestly the excitement usually fizzles out by February by which time nuff people have pissed me off. Lol!

-Ergo, the aim this year is to try and maintain the happy vibes until at least half way through the year before burning out!

-I want to revive blog. Blog is my baby. Well, actually if we’re gonna go down this route then my cat is my baby but anyway…

-The irony behind wanting to revive blog comes from my mother, who recently turned to me and said; hey, you like writing why have you never started blogging? Little does she know, I have had a blog for six years!

-As ya’ll know, my book got rejected by nuff literary agents in the past 3 to 4 years. Because the publishing industry in England is over crowded and (let’s not beat around the bush) very white. No room for the brown girl with her brown book. The rejections were minor until they weren’t. The last one came from an agency who’s ethos is to back ethnic minority, female, over 30, LGBT writers who are often overlooked and underrepresented in the publishing industry. Now this one stung because if even they said no; who the hell’s gonna say yes? They said they liked the book but couldn’t take a risk on it as I have previously published it.

-This rattled my cage a lot. I was very forward that the book has been pre published but taken down given that I lacked the skill to market it. Still, knowing this fully well, they took 6 months to tell me no, citing the very reason they knew from day one. That didn’t sit well with me at all.

-I guess that made me think fuck sod it; I’ll self publish it again. What’s the worst that can happen? So 3 people read it. Big whoop. That’s 3 people’s lives majorly enriched because of something I wrote. Jk jk jk 😂

-But if you see it when I do publish it -I’m looking at a Christmas time or January 2020 release – please support it in anyway you can.

-I’m currently looking for graphic designers to design the front cover. I have several contenders so far but I am looking for more takers before making my final decision. So if you are interested; holla. My insta is @leetamo – dm me, we’ll talk.

-I am also debating whether to have a physical book and e-book. Or just an e-book. I am more drawn to just e-book as it seems… Idk, risky to print something that hasn’t been edited professionally. Anyway share your thoughts with me.

-And on that note; off I go to the cinema to watch Last Christmas.

Peace ✌🏽

tam x


  1. Love the honesty! ☺☺ Great post 😉 Cheers to happiness at least halfway through 2020 💜
    I know you probably already know…but how about publishing through Amazon Kindle Direct? That way you can offer both ebook and printed…and you only pay for printed when one is ordered and distributed. 😉
    Hope your weekend is awesome 😊

    1. Thank you! That’s where I originally published it and doomed it anyway. Because after I took it down due to not knowing how to market it, no literary agent wants to touch it which is bizarre because its not unheard of to do this. Pretty sure E L James did the same but hey ho. I think I will try kdp again. It was idiot proof lol.

      1. Literary agents are a scary beast all on their own! 😛😉
        I think it’s worth trying KDP again. Lemme know when you do 😉 Word of Mouth…other people sharing… is a very effective tool these days 😉😊

  2. I would get an editor, for sure. It’s part of my job, and I’m very particular with my checking, but self editing my own book still wasn’t enough, and the editor I got in found a lot I couldn’t – without an exorbitant cost.

    As for print, look into print on demand. That model seems safest

      1. Can’t get to my mesages right now. Please send me a message in Instagram and I’ll send you details of the person who did mine. Not sure if she’ll do fiction, but it’s worth asking. The exchange rate from South Africa to British pounds us very favourable for you, so the budget may work well.

  3. Ingram Spark seems the best for wide reach. Only an initial $49 fee, then you make your commission from sales. There apparently are vouchers out there to get even that discounted.

      1. I’ve read it a 100 times; not enough coz I am so used to it. Think its gonna need a professional pair of eyes. Sigh. Teaching is thankless as ever. 5 more weeks until Christmas break. Too long lol. How are you?

      2. Ohhh ohkay now I get what you meant. XD
        It’s true. Imagine I had a team project, we had to write a report I reviewed it so many time. I told my teams I want you all to see it because I won’t find any mistakes or anything.
        After submitting the report we realized we copied one paragraph twice in the final draft. And NO ONE noticed. 🙂
        More than 1 month haha, but still close.
        Alhamdulillah I am okay. I feel a bit hollow idky. Sigh. but otherwise I am good. 😀 Uni life is keeping me busy.

      3. Man. Uni was a month of Sundays ago for me. Can’t even remember those days. There was a lot of late nights and hot chocolate involved. I feel kinna hollow too lass. What can we do. Fill the void with something I suppose eh… nothing I fill it seems to work though.

  4. I will read your book, for sure! I just saw Last Christmas this year for the first time and love how the heroine went full-throated honest for life, when she thought she was dying. You’re not dying, and have lots of great writing to share. I love your voice in this post. Keep living, writing, sharing… happy 2020.

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