Liebster Award Nom

Big up Zoya for the nom – love ya, Zazu x

Although, you also nominated the 3 of the people I would have nominated so ergo, I have no one to nominate now. I literally know no one on here and I have 700 followers. Go figure.

Nevertheless… thought I’d answer these questions. Coz haven’t blogged in time and its Saturday night and I am doing naff all #catlady.

  1. One skill you wish you could learn/master? driving, i drive, but appallingly, i’m scared of going anywhere with roundabouts and i live somewhere FULL of roundabouts…oh and maths.
  2. Favourite book? this one is real hard; p.s. i love you? don’t be sad – would be a toss between those two…
  3. The most unusual item you own…? Ooh, i like this one, i’m boring as hell though so not sure i have an answer for it…
  4. What is your ultimate aim in life? if only i knew ya’ll, to publish my stupid book, to find peace of mind, to please my mother who is honestly so hard to please, don’t tell her i said that.
  5. Favourite TV show right now and why? Nothing currently on air, The Mindy Project reruns… and for some reason Two Pints reruns which makes me feel like the biggest chav.
  6. How accurate is your Zodiac sign in describing you? i never read those – ever, so wouldn’t know.
  7. In a parallel universe, at this moment, you would be doing what? better.
  8. Share a quote or inspirational saying that changed your life in some way. you can’t have it all where would you put it?
  9. One city/country you have always dreamt of visiting – india
  10. What made you start your own blog? loneliness + a passion for writing.
  11. One thing that really, really winds you up…? people, OVERLY positive people, haram police, when people type “women” instead of “woman”, people who talk to you when their life is dead but drop you like you’re hot when their life fills up, people not replying to messages; get over yourself we al have the same 24 hours in a day… oh wait, the question said one. My bad.

11 facts about me? Really? That wouldn’t be overkill? Aight.

1. I am a conversational junkie.

2. I am a minimalist in progress. I try to own as little as possible.

3. I write letters to strangers anonymously and leave them lying round. People get hyper when they find them. Its actually pretty cool to make people smile by doing so little.

4. I am ALWAYS tired. Pretty sure I have chronic fatigue syndrome.

5. I can’t do maths to save my life. Even simple stuff.

6. I want to retire early.

7. I’m the “will do anything for you” kind of friend. I don’t love that about me. Makes you an easy target for users.

8. Kindness tops most things for me.

9. I am a carbie Barbie.

10. I have hamster cheeks.

11. I am very the hilarious.


    1. I cannot emphasise the “in progress” bit enough coz its hard man. I try and try but stuff just creeps in on you and you’re like where did you come from?!?

  1. Hahaha as a fellow teacher the ‘women instead of woman’ bit resonated waaay too much with me. 🤣 Hey it could be worse, Birmingham is awful when it comes to random roundabouts all over the show. xx

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