Remember Cinnamon?

-Hey ya’ll… or you know, 3.5 people who still read me (out of 7 bloody hundred) … today is my 1st Friday off work since going part time and long story short here is how I spent it;


A Friday morning well spent? Yeah, I think so.

-Ya’ll remember Cinnamon? The pregnant stray kitten I rescued in Ramdan? Well, she is up for adoption!

They let her and her baabies spend as much time together as possible with a volunteer foster carer and now that the babies have been weaned off mum, they have gone to seperate homes and Cinnamon is up for adoption and will find a forever home herself!!!!! She is off the streets forever!!!!!

Guys. My heart is singing and full to the point of burst! Doing good in the world is underrated.

Do something for someone else today. And because I am starting to sound like an advert I will end this post now…

This is Cinnamon in the box she gave birth in on the street…

And this is Cinnamon today; clean, vaccinated, warm, healthy and ready for a new forever home!!!!


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