Wake me up when September ends

-because it has not even started and I am dreading it ugh.

-its almost 2am and I can’t sleep so I’ve come to get some words off my chest in the hope that that helps me sleep…

Carrying on with the insomnia theme;

-when I can’t sleep, I look at the #randomactofkindness on instagram and it genuinely lights up my soul – I don’t care that the actions are not always random, that they’re documented on social media and that they’re “paraded.” Just let the feel good vibes spread ya’ll. I highly recommend it. Though be warned, within 15 minutes of browsing, I’m normally crying. So this might happen to you to…

-I’ve been thinking of writing letters again. Like old school ink and paper ones. As someone who recieves nothing but bills via the mail, I can’t tell you how refereshing it is to just recieve words for the sake of it. I’m gonna do this on my social media but will mention it on here too; If you’d like a handwritten, mailed letter dm me (@leetamo) your address and I shall happily comly – unless your famalam disapprove so please be over 18 and happy me for me to have your address. Last time I got 6 requests from blog alone. This year blog’s dead though so I am not anticipating a great response but the offer’s there.

-I figure soon I’m gonna be old(er) and cynical to things like this; air mail, acts of kindness, so whilst I have it in me, I wanna keep the social awareness, acts of kindness candle… well lit shall we say?

Make sense?

-is it hot where you all are? Its roasting in my neck of the woods. British heat is thee worst. No where has AC. Fans are out of stock by May. So you have June, July and August to just swelter. Its a whole thing. Sticky and sweaty and hot weather is the worst.

-i for one cannot wait for Autumn.

-i have decided to let go of some people in my life for the best… and it hurts to know that our relationship is not what it used to be but i am SICK to death of being the one to always make the effort and never have it reciprocated so I’m done trying.

-i got asked a random question the other day about what social experiment I would carry out given the chance. And I had an answer. I probably will never act out on it. But, I want to conduct an experiment investigating how treatment changes when hijabis take the hijab off.

…because I’m sadly informed by some that have done it that it improves dramatically.

-what is this world?


    1. With regards to your question, I know several people who have made the decision to remove the hijab for various personal reasons. The majority have reported significantly improved treatment from everyone – they all live in the west of course. They say people are feiendlier and more relaxed towards you. That you get treated like you belong. Its a shame. I would like to see 1st hand but I don’t see me removing the hijab for a social experiment, you know? X

      1. That happens in India too. Also, if you are Muslim and wear bindi or dress your child up in Krishna attire, you get bonus points for being secular ๐Ÿ˜…. But my question is, taking off hijab doesn’t change the person beneath it right. So why does it have to matter at all.

      2. Because when you live in the west the hijab is very foreign and when you take it off, they see you as one of them; you belong. Like I say very sad.

  1. Well even here in pak I mean this is a muslim country and all but people still treat non-hijabis better cos they’re liberal and modern and whatever shit. Ajeeb hai. Judge karna hi nahi chortay.
    And heyy that letters idea is so cool. Do you want someone to write you one? I mean it’d be nice to have something other than bills and a great distraction for me.
    Also paki summers are worseee because you have the fans and the AC but electricity is expensive and there’s load shedding and you sweat allll the timeeee even when you’re in the shower. I hate it.

    1. Why did I not see this comment? ๐Ÿค” Hmm. ALL I ever recieve in the post is bloody bills. The system is bleeding meh dry girl. Yeah. You gonna write me one in the middle of your lecture? What will the professor say? ๐Ÿ˜‚ Yeah even in Turkey, a friend of mine removed the hijab and said the treatment went from 0 to 100 real quick. How bloody sad is that?

      1. Look writing a letter in the middle of the lecture is better than falling asleep and getting humiliated in front of the whole class which happened yesterday and it wasn’t nice. Also I tried to make a valid point but the professor interrupted me and was super mean to me and said sometimes people can’t hear because their ears are wrapped up in so many layers referring to my hijab. So. Uni isn’t going well. Damn I wanted to tell you all this in the letter๐Ÿ˜ญ
        Also wow man. Sorry for your friend. And all other women. It’s ridiculous.

      2. Are you shittin’ me? I’ve decided I dislike all lecturers you know. Let’s make a t shirt that says that bls. Girl write me all you want. Snail mail is always welcome. Hugs xxxx

      3. I’ve decided the same. HEY maybe I could make a t shirt and send it to you! I mean when I have the money obvs ๐Ÿ˜‚ living in the third world and all๐Ÿ˜‚ hugs for you too xxxx

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