-I am sort of bummed out. I think I have been obsessing over this recent crime documentary I watched and the potential injustice of it is distressing me. More detials below…

-I am also extremely lethargic though tbf. My eyes are basically yellow. I need to start taking my iron tablets. Sigh.

-I made a big change at work recently. It is kind of scary. I dropped one day. The financial implications are immense. I could not have chosen a worst time to do it because I am broke. But something had to change…

-I want to make back the money I will be losing on this day by doing some freelance stuff hopefully. Maybe my bool will get published? I just hope that I don’t regret this decision.

-Man. I am emotional and just needy and I should not have obsessed over this case cos now my heart is sad. I dont even know Adnan but I get so emotionally invested in everyone’s life.

-I’ve recently been seeing a documentary floating about everywhere called The Case Against Adnan Syed and I made several mental notes to watch the 4 episode programme but one thing or another got in the way. Eventually I watched it it has gutted me in ways I was not prepared for…

-Long story short, Adnan Syed was a 17 year old Pakistani male who allegedly killed his Korean ex girlfriend Hae Min Lee in 1999. He got life despite there not being any physical evidence from him on the victim. He has been in jail for 20 years.

-Adnan maintained he was innocent all this time but on the advice of some incompetent attorneys decided not to testify in court. He has since spoken about the case on Serial; a podcast that essentially brought the case to everyone’s attention…

-The aim for all of this was to grant Adnan a retrial because his case was so poorly mishandled and essentially what landed him in prison is failing to account for where he was for 21 minutes when the killing was taking place on the 13th January 1999… however the court did not grant a retrial and thanks to a forever changing witness account from a “friend” of Adnan’s where he says Adnan killed Haye, Adnan will essentially never see the light of day.

-Having watched the documentary, listened to the podcast and even read the book written by Rabia Chaudry (family friend) on Adnan, my gut instinct tells me he didn’t do it. But my God am I confused.

-To think that if his case happened today there would be so much that cluld exxonerate him; mobile phone signals, CCTV, attendance sheets for after school clubs. But it was 1999 and although he had a mobile phone, the technology back then is just not what it is today.

-Only God knows if he is innocent. If he is may Allah swt exonnerate him because he is 35 ish now. And 20 years in jail is a long time.


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