Monday Funday

-I mean. It was not a fun day but it was okay and that will do fine for me. Alhamdulilah!

-Can I recommend a book ya’ll? The Good Immigrant edited by Nikesh Shukla. It’s a collection of essays about the 1st and 2nd generation immigrants and the bakwaas they have to face in this day and age. These essays are funny, angry (rightly so) and truly very relatable. I actually reccomend the audio book for this one because each author actually narrates their own story so you literally hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. There will be at least one story that you can relate to or a name you recognise. When I saw Riz Ahmed was on there for instance, I had to get it because I fancy him am familiar with some of his work.

-One story in the book really resonated with me. As some of you know because I don’t shut up about it I have now been trying to publish my book for coming up to what? Three years? It is an axiety inducing process because as one author points out in TGI, we get to a point after we have experienced a stream of rejections by literary agents where we start to shrink our dream of being published, we water it down until the concrete absorbs it and it ceases to exist. She goes on to highlight the shocking lack of opportunities for aspiring writers who are female, of colour and over 30 and guess who ticks all those boxes?


The frustration of it all makes me want to jump out of the window. But for now I shan’t give up. That being said, I do dread the day I run out of fuel for this dream of mine to become published because without writing the void inside of me will remain hollow and I cannot fill it with food anymore because the physio guy said my knees are overloaded with my weight ๐Ÿ˜ญ

-I have plenty of ideas for the second book I want to write but the frustration of not succeeding in finding an agent for the 1st one makes me think well what’s the point? I know, I know, I should write for me not for agents. Ergo, I thought maybe sharing a couple of details from book 2 can increase accountability and actually make me write it? Its a new idea not the one I posted about previously. But I am thinking my couple (for lack of another word for them) will be called Sid and Umayma this time. I’m not sure what Sid is short for yet. But I have a thing for that name and really want to use it somewhere. Go figure. Oh and its untitled for now.

-Korean dramas anyone? My cousins made me watch one (Oh my Venus) under duress claiming I would fancy the guy. Told them he didn’t have a beard so no way I would. And 16 episodes later… I fear I am a smitten kitten. Damn good actors and their black magic ways.

Disclaimer: I am not basing Sid on this guy. Though it will be hard. He’s clouding my judgement rn.

-The Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll is hype.

-Finally, my nani is home alhamdulilah. She is alhamdulilah better as well. She can’t walk without a metal frame at the moment but inshallah kheir.

-Hope your Monday went well!

Talk to me.

Tam x



  1. I like Korean Anime tho.

    They are quite fun – you should check them if you get time.

    Can’t you give that book for free to me for reading at least? I’ll be honest with my comments.

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