New beginings?

-first and foremost shout out to everyone who messaged and stuck by me this past week whilst nani was in hospital, makes you realise who cares bout you in life *tears!*

-whilst she is still not 100% and still very much fragile, alhamdulilah we are praying that she is on the right track and on the mend, pray with me ya’ll *sigh*

-i am tired.

-i feel like the cat is sick now which is reeking havoc in my mind…

-it’s 3:00 am

-my brother got married today mashallah – that feels bizarre to say, my mind is suddenly flashing back to when he was a kid like i’m in some lame movie… pretty sure i changed this kids diaper at some point in life…

-today was the nikah ceremony, the actual wedding party is TBC inshallah but for all intents and purppses its done, he’s actually gone and gotten married and i have a sister in law…

i remember carrying this kid when he was born for crying out loud.


may Allah swt grant them happiness and pave the way for them to a life full of peace of mind and stability.



  1. Ahhhh so much going on. I hope your nani is well now? And mabrooook on your brother’s nikkah. Hope all is good 💜 Going to binge read everything I’ve missed on your blog😊 xx

  2. That’s a lot happening in a week for you. I wish the best for you and your family. Congratulations to your brother and prayers for the quick recovery of your nani. Have a good day 🙂

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