First World Problems

…are what most of my problems actually are for which I am grateful; life could always be worse. I know that. Though sometimes I realise it too late.

– like being awake at silly o clock when I have work tomorrow morrow which fyi is the current sitch.

-I have by some miracle managed to remove a couple of obstacles out the way (some still remain) and it looks like I shall inshallah be going Turkey soon after all. This will be my 4th time? I think.

-I’m not sure if I wanna take my camera. The reasons for this are two fold. One; I have photographed it all a million times and cannot think of a new angle. Two; that thing’s heavy and I just wanna drain my brain of stress and not worry it with technical camera equipment difficulty.

-lowkey wish I had a better phone with a better camera rn but eh well.

-Also, kindda dreading going coz last time the locals were hella nasty to my cousins and I. Like Baristas being impatient with us, ferry staff refusing to sell us cheap tea (“Only for Turkish people, you can have expensive Lattes”) and old ladies on the bus telling us to shush coz we were giving them a headache. I learnt the hard way that unless you are in a touristic area where they want your buck and therefore have reason to be nice to you, some Turks are actually hella mean. Hope I don’t encounter any discriminatory a’holes this time coz I for one am not in the mood. At all.

-So the non dilemma remains. Take the camera or make do with crappy phone?

-I had more to say but my mind has gone blank… which I am sure you are saddened by. Not!

-It is 0° here tonight. It is freezing. The cold is dry and painful. Alamdulilah for the roof over my head and clothes on my back. May Allah help those who have to sleep out in these conditions with no where to turn to…



    1. Highly recommended. I am only struggling with the idea coz dunno how to make this time different / more enriching to the other 3 times I went, you know?

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