Can we cancel today?

-I have the gift of getting ready in ample time in the morning. As someone who doesn’t put make up or put a lot of thought into their outfit or eat breakfast, I can afford to have an extra 15 / 20 minutes in bed in the morning which I would not swap for the world.

-That’s where I am now. I need to be at work in under an hour. But that’s where I am; bed. Its cosy and warm, the electric blanket is on and I don’t wanna leave this cocoon to go to work. Much like a child doesn’t want to go to school in the morning.

-When I was a kid and I was too sleepy in the morning to wake up, my mother would ask me if I had any tests that day and I would say no and she would begrudgingly tuck me back in and go to work. I miss that feeling of someone literally relieving you of your burdens and letting you sleep.

-Now I have to get up regardless of whether there is a test or not ugh. One of the reasons I want to publish my book is so it would make me a steady ish enough income that will give me the luxury of leaving work for a couple of years to travel and sleep. But obviously the satisfaction of seeing my hard work be rewarded is the main reason I want to do it.

-That being said, I may have to just make my peace with the fact that the book is shite hence why no one wants it. I got my umpteenth rejection last night;

Dear F,

Thank you so much for sending us your work. However, having considered it, I’m afraid that we don’t feel it’s right for our list.

I trust you’ll understand that the extremely high volume of submissions I receive means that we’re not able to give more detailed feedback.

-I don’t understand. But whatever. I do give up however. Its been too long. And I did say if I dont manage to find an agent by December then I will stop trying.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock. Its nearing the time where I have to get outta bed and my childish heart is begining to weep in protest. The fact that an icy car awaits me isn’t helping. It takes hella long to de-ice an old car. A friend of mine was complaining to me once that her husband did a crappy job de-icing her car and I thought at least he did it! Some of us have to freeze our child like hands doing it ourselves.

It’s me. I am some of us.

-My mum suggested we go to Turkey for Christmas break. I said yes initially but some commitments have come up since that are going to disallow me from going. This sucks. I haven’t left the country in too long but the timing for this trip happens to really suck.

-My 31st is coming up in a few weeks times.

-I’m 31 and like a child, I wanna be tucked back into my warm bed and be told today has been cancelled go back to sleep.



  1. electric blanket- had to Google that to see how it looks 😛 I didn’t know it existed!
    Turkey! You would love it there I am sure! 😦
    I’m 21 and like a child, I wanna be tucked into my warm bed and be told tonight is done. And I can sleep without having nightmares about Uni courses. 😦

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