Not so great November

My finances have been awfully down lately. Which made me wonder something.

Employed young people; are you saving for a rainy day?

My mantra in my twenties with regards to finances was very much that money comes and goes. If you spend it now, you will get more in a couple of weeks so on and so forth. To some extent I still believe that. However…

I have reached an age where I am genuinely thinking: where the hell is all my money?

Living in Englistan means your wages go into your account at the end of the month and then immediately go out again in a matter of 2 days; mortgage, bills, tax, council tax, tv license, various insurances, car expenses. Not to forget food expenses, vet expenses, God-forbid-I-buy-clothes-or-something-I-fancy-once-in-a-blue-moon expenses.

I bought a mango for like £2.50 the other day and it tasted God awful. Or maybe it was 2 mangoes. Point is, I could probably get a box of like 6 ripe mangoes for less than that in India.

Everything is so expensive here and I am struggling to save. Big time.

I’ve talked about money to people who live in various places across the world coz I’m crass like that. Nah, it was just to compare living conditions etc. And I realised that bar one person, I got paid the most (bearing in mind I get paid peanuts), but I made the least amount of savings because of the SHEER expenses and how costly living here is compared to, say, a semi developed Arab country.

Someone told me their wages were along the £50 mark (a doctor in a third world country!) but they could still spend and save. Someone else told me £400 and they still have a decent amount to pocket away after taking care of bills and expenses.

It made me feel a bit shite and like a failiure ngl. I keep saying the duaa for rizq and entering radio competitions to win some money so I can retire for like a year. No such luck.

*moment of silence for tam*

Moral of the story; young people, save save save. A small amount at the end of each month. Don’t touch it. Open a savings account, have a small sum automatically transferred to your savings account every month and forget about it. If I did that when I was 23, I would have easily had a four figure sum sitting comfortably in my bank now and if I increased that amount steadily (and got married i.e. split the financial burden with another person) we could retire at 55.

Becuase ain’t nobody got time to work until 68 which btw is what I am currently looking at.

Someone once told me that her dad worked ALL his life and when he finally retired, he became seriously ill, sat on a wheelchair for a year then died. That, along with the fact that people who are dying are reported to say that they regret working too hard just makes me think…

I don’t want that for me, it would genuinely break my heart if that is all ny life amounted to be; work work work.

So, young people; save.



  1. I would add: also keep a jar in your room and every day put a coin (or tiny amount) in. When it’s full, donate it to the charity of your choice. Sadaqah is good for rizq and a lot else – not only in this world, but especially in the Hereafter. Small and consistent is the easiest way to do it. You don’t even feel it.

  2. I have a savings account where I save some money every month, but I end up using a bit off it by the time the end of the month comes around bc my main bank account looks so sad… Also!! Try to pray Dhuha prayers, InsyaAllah you’ll find that rizq will come in many different forms throughout the month.

    1. I guess the beauty of a savings account here is that you dont get a card with it. If you wanna withdraw you have to physicially drag your ass to the bank with ID.

      1. Lmao that was what I thought too…but then we have ibanking here and turns out I can easily transfer money from my savings account to my main account (which kind of defeats the purpose tbh)

  3. Tam my account looks sadder after first 5 days of month 😂..I know that we must save but the question is how? With all the mortgage loan n bills ..i wonder what can we do..for the moment only praying ..n ys trying my best to save a fe pennies each month.

    1. Filhal I set up an automatic transfer of a small amount from my reg account to a savings one. I am hoping to increase the amount with time. I am skint all the time. I feel you girl.

      1. If I do i that the auto transfer thing I sometimes find myself going negative! 🙈 Hoping to come back positive with Dec additional 13th month salary which has 60% tax on it..lets pray hard n hopefully we can learn to do some savings..I am on it with you..need to learn it

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