My Bucket List

Ok, so I don’t actually have one.

Bucket lists are like love for me. I’m down with the concept, I like the idea but I am not sure I have it in me to make it work.

I particularly like the idea of making a bucket list for no, shall we say, pressing reason. Especially that bucket lists are a concept that has recently become associated with people who are dying thanks to the media and the film industry. Not that there’s anything wrong with anyone making them.

But as I said, I like the idea that people have goals to achieve before they turn… say 30.

*rolls eyes*

Okay I don’t actually like that particular deadline having now reached it and accomplished naff all. It’s not even that a big number ya’ll why you glorifying it like its some big ass milestone? Tsk.

On that bitter note…

I have checked out a few bucket list examples and they really make no sense to me. Whilst one may argue that these things are individualistic and hold different meanings to each person, I can’t help but notice a pattern; scuba diving, bungee jumping, skinny dipping, swimming with sharks, marathons etc.

I hate regular sports / activities never mind these fear factor type ones so they’re big no no’s for me.

Then there’s crazy ass stuff like get arrested and go gambling. Why? For the thrill of it apparently. Go figure.

There’s also semi normal stuff like road trips which would be fun actually. I would put it on mine but I don’t have anyone to go with (moment of silence for that please), also I don’t think I have ever driven longer than 20mins per journey.

I dunno, I guess learn a language would be on there and I have kind of taught myself 1 (Hindi) and a half quarter (Turkish) so that’s one I could check off.

In fact seeing as I am 30 Ima go ahead and make a list of stuff I have already done #perksofbeingancient and to make it fair I will some stuff on there that I would like to complete before dying snuffin’ it.

And these will be regular tbh, maybe even boring which I have been recently informed that I am. Me, boring. Who knew…

Here goes nothing;

  • Learn a language ✔
  • Buy a house ✔
  • Travel to 5 or more countries ✔
  • Pay for a stranger’s meal ✔
  • Volunteer at a charity ✔
  • Help a victim of crime ✔
  • Become good with money for the love of God
  • Cook something edible at some point in life – okay soon
  • Go on a road trip with people that drive well (I will pay for petrol relax!)
  • India. India. India.
  • Publish my bloody book
  • Actually start Finish writing the 2nd book
  • Take a photo that gets talked about a lot… for good reasons, not coz I used the wrong setting on the camera to take it.
  • Change someone’s life for the better
  • Find my calling because I am not sure that teaching is it…
  • Become more spiritual (but not too Holy Guacamole)
  • Honestly this one’s impossible but make my parents proud somehow
  • If I ever get married, convince my husband that sleeping with a fan in all types of weather is actually good for his health so that I don’t have to break a 30 year habit.
  • Go back to Yemen one more time
  • Not take any shit from anyone anymore
  • Retire early

As you can see, no Marathons for me. I get outta breath climbing the stairs. Maybe I will add to this list as time goes on. But anyway…

What’s one thing on your bucket list?

…she asks knowing the first 5 people to view this post will “like” it without even reading it…



  1. Love this! Might make one of my own lol. Also although you thinking that teaching may not be your calling…you may have, without knowing, changed someone’s life for the better so in a way you can tick that off lol. Unless of course, you meant that in the sense that you know you changed someone’s life for the better lol

      1. Hahaha there we go you changed that kid’s life by teaching him an important skill!
        Something on my list would be…really got to think about this lol…can’t think of anything but to graduate before I hit 30 in 3 years (studying part time so it may take longer 😒) 😂

  2. I have to make one too – I realise.

    I recently did this activity with my students on a trip to a Forest.

    You can search it on YouTube – it’s a TEDx Talk by Umair Jalianwala TEDxPIFD probably.

    Do check it out and after getting through that activity then write the Bucket list. It would help a lot!

      1. Ok so what we did in the forest was we wrote 5 things before Dying.

        I will share the first:

        1. It was to write a book on both of my Parents life like from Childhood to now.

        And make like 3 part series on both – so there is Childhood, Teeange and Adulthood.

        I want to do this to build a better relationship with my parents and maybe to know them better. Writing a book will also allow me to spend more time with them.

        So yeah there’s that.

  3. My bucket list. Well. I have an idea for a book which I think could be really good. Also I’d like to die young and sudden. Can’t deal with older people problems.

  4. I love the way you write. It’s enjoyable and makes me laugh. Maybe writing is your calling?
    So my buck list would be:
    1. Travel the world
    2. Get into fashion (I want to create my own clothes and cloths for others)
    3.Learn more languages (Spanish in particular)
    4. live in South America
    5.Write a book
    6. So I have this idea; I want to open a clothing store and what I want to do is to let people put a price on the clothes they buy. So basically to pay the amount they can afford. Hahah it’s a crazy idea I really want to do it.

    1. Aww number 6 is cute. With the current climate tho you would get robbed blind. I for one think clothes are way overpriced so I am not sure I would be generous lol. Jeans and a grey t shirt for life! Thank you. I do love writing. Sadly have been trynna break into it for years. But apparently only celebrities and youtubers are worthy of being published these days. Sigh.

    1. Bruh dont gemme started on TA money. That shit should be illegal. You’re braver than me tho. I wouldn’t do PGCE. Hope Umrah is written for you soon inshallah.

      1. I totally feel you there. I loved it too. The holidays were great the responsibilities minimal compared to teaching. There was a certain flare and freedom to it. I could’t bear to do PGCE and handle data and planning tho so went down the HLTA route for a bit more money minus data and planning. Hate it. Wanna leave.

  5. what countries have you visited? 😀
    maybe your next post could be about: Help a victim of crime?
    MY bucket list…hmm.. maybe try to memorize half of the Quran at least.
    Write something that has a point and becomes famous.
    Walk through a waterfall?
    Okay I am really sleepy, I don’t know what I am saying. Bye.. ❤

    1. Man. Yours are so noble. Makes me feel bad lol. Erm, UAE, Turkey, Jordan, Singapore, Malaysia, Saudi. Lived in Yemen and now live in Englistan.

    1. I didn’t agree with them either at one point. And I wasn’t sure I could have one due to them being mostly about extreme sports and me not liking that stuff but I guess you could have whatever you like on there even if it doesn’t follow the crowd. And yeah writing things down definitely helps lol in my case for sure anyway.

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