Tantrum Tuesday

…because we all love a whiner.

No? Really? You don’t? I mean you must love me a little else why are you still readi… you get the point. Let’s go.

-There are certain things in life you should never to say to people. And by people, I mean me. Here goes. Sharpen your pencils: call me, where are you? can I ask you a question? we need to talk, are you free?

-If you want me to reply to you, always text. Never call. I stare at the phone ringing until it goes dead then just text you one word: sup? It’s not because I am rude but talking on the phone freaks me out. I legit don’t know how to do it #awkward. So if we have talked on the phone, know you are special. I answered your call. Get very gassed please. I joke.

-I have discovered the key to Audio books which I was not keen on before. The secret is this: if the audio book is an autobiography narrated by the author themselves then its easy to stay engaged with it. Self-help books are okay to listen to too. Fiction would be hard as an Audio book for me though.

-Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime is comedy gold. I think my next audio book will be The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Might have to be on pay day though, coz audio books are hella pricey.

-Speaking of books. I also wanna pick up one of those. A physical one. The last one I read was… *tries to remember* The Forty Rules of Love. All in all, an okay (at times frustrating) read. I did like how all the chapters started with B. though. That was kindda neat.

-A senior at work, and I mean really high up, spoke down to me a lot today. They accused me of not handling a situation well enough. This would have normally petrified me. Sometimes though you reach a space in life where you literally have 0 … shall we say cares? left to give because you know you handled the situation the best way you knew how under the (crappy) circumstances so you’re like; *sings* can’t touch this. Which is not true because technically, they can touch this by sacking me. But Allah’s with me innit.

-Things in my day deterriorated a lot after work. I was so stressed and spaced out that I stopped at a green light thinking it was red and the line of cars behind me that had to brake harshly as a result of my stopping? Lets just say they had LOUD and colourful ways of letting their feelings towards me be known. I came home and decided to make tea to calm me down but I managed to break a spice jar and despite remaining calm allllll day when all that shit was kicking off, it took breaking a stupid jar and seeing shards of glass everywhere to make me cry. The mind boggles wallah

-Update on the seller who didn’t deliver my work after a 3/4 month wait; they ignored my last message (which they opened and read 10 days after I sent it) in reply to the snappy one they sent me, unfollowed me on social media, and are just full on pretending I don’t exist now. Excellent customer service *slow, sarcastic clap* because star plus.

-We have some saying in Arabic for people who wrong you then pretend its the other way around. Let me treat your ears to a few; they kill the deceased then walk in his funeral march and they hit me and cried then ran to tell on me first.

Wa shukran. That is to say; thank you (for reading incase that wasn’t implicit) …

Peace out x



  1. I am currently reading 7 Habits of Highly Effective People =D – its an awesome book but please give it the time it needs – its not a binge read type of book tbh.

    Also Forty Rules of Love is an amazing book and you should definitely read more of Elif Shafak if you can like. She is a good writer ofc.


    1. As I was telling someone else, Forty Rules was good but just about. It was sinfully tiresome to keep up with in many places and Shams is possibly one of the worst characters I have ever come across ngl. Interesting that you liked it. Would not have thought it was your cup of tea.

  2. I have the physical copy of The 7 Habits and I remember being really excited to read it but it has very tough language. It requires a lot of focus if I recall correctly – I haven’t given it another shot.

    Elif Shafak’s books are hit or miss – I’m currently reading Honour after a huge reading slump. I went through Crazy Rich Asians – which really isn’t my kinda book to get out of this – and this is the first book now that I’m enjoying.

    “They kill the deceased and walk in his funeral march” – love this! going to use this in one of my conversations soon haha. Out of curiosity could you say this phrase in Arabic please? šŸ˜€

    1. To be honest, I will only consider 7 highly… as an audio book. If Forty Rules is anything to go by then Elif Shafak’s books are not my cuppa I found that book to be good but just about. It was sinfully tiresome to keep up with in many places and Shams is possibly one of the worst characters I have ever come across ngl. Having watched Crazy Rich Asians the film I am now reluctant to read the book. Film was great but I like to read then watch if you know what I mean. Its an egyptian saying: “yiktul il kateel wi yimshee fi ganaztu.”

    2. I’m currently reading 7 Habits and it’s not easy for someone who reads fiction or other genres because it gives lessons and not a story to follow.

      But I think the time taking part is good in this case, simply speaking you can’t binge read the book.

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