Remember when I did these ya’ll?

They used to be like cardio sessions for my brain. So this is more for me than you. I can’t sleep and my knees are killing me. You may skip this one if you like. Or you know, stay for a laugh.

  1. Where did you grow up? Somewhere over a black and white rainbow way down low.
  2. What is the earliest memory you have? I was six and my mum bit my hand because I wouldn’t let go of my cousin’s hair lol!
  3. What would you do with the money if you won the lottery? Quit my job.
  4. What could you have done to make today more productive? Not gone back to sleep after my alarm went off.
  5. Something you still can’t believe is happening? My grey hair. Wow.
  6. Do you need to be ‘tucked into sleep’ or can you fall asleep anyhow? I need my pillow and fan (even in winter) and I’m sorted.
  7. If you had to wear one item forever what would it be? Jeans.
  8. If you had to Kiss, Marry and Kill YouTubers, who would you choose? I’d kill all the ones getting publishing deals just for being famous #bitter. As for the good stuff- Will Smith is a YouTuber now right? 😉
  9. What is a question you want to answer but nobody asks? Can I get you a drink?
  10. Which cartoons do you still watch today? Tom and Jerry.
  11. What do you watch that isn’t targeted for your age group? A lot of shit on YouTube.
  12. Phobias? Ninja turtles, driving on unfamiliar roads and rejection.
  13. What song do you like to sing nowadays? Naked – Ella Mai.
  14. If you could have one talent what would it be? Staying calm in a crisis.
  15. Would you rather the world remain peaceful forever or no one on earth ever goes hungry? The latter. As much as I love me some peace, no one deserves to starve.
  16. What is a weird food combination that you do? Daal and ketchup. I’m not even sorry.
  17. Would you rather eat or drink your calories? Munch.
  18. 5 things that make your average day better? Food. Conversation. Doing as little as possible. Writing. A hot drink.
  19. Would you rather someone go through your phone (text messages and all) or go through your internet history? Neither!
  20. What are 3 things you would do if you were stranded in a rainforest to ensure your survival? Pray, look for food then look for more food.
  21. If only you and one other person were the last human beings alive, who would, you want the other person to be? Someone funny and patient coz they’re now stuck with me.
  22. If you had to choose never to use Twitter, Instagram or YouTube again, which one would you let go? Twitter.
  23. If you had to choose, how would you want to get famous? Writing / photography.
  24. Which Languages do you speak? English, Arabic.
  25. Which languages do you wish you could speak? I mean I wanna finish learning Turkish and hindi first.
  26. Thoughts on interracial marriage? Great if you can stick together when the world tries to shake you down. Because it will try to shake you down.
  27. Weird things you like about the opposite sex? Good at driving. Good at maths. I know. Weird af.
  28. If you could choose, which time would you go back to? The 90s, for those of us who lived them not born in them, were bomb dot com.
  29. Have you ever said I love you first? Yep.
  30. Was it reciprocated? Nope.
  31. Regrets? Not many. I wish I’d not opened the door of my life to some people. They made a mess and left and I suck at cleaning up.
  32. What is your usual bedtime? Late, 11 ish.
  33. What do you remember doing on the worst day you’ve ever had? I went into shock and had a cold shower fully clothed.
  34. What is an irrational fear you had as a child? Getting lost. Losing my way. Even with GPS today, this fear still gets me.
  35. Have you ever conquered a fear of yours? Fear of cats.
  36. What is something silly you believed as a child? That I was adopted.
  37. What did you want to be when you were a kid? An air hostess.
  38. If the kid version of you were to meet you now, how would they react? She would wonder why I am the same in many ways.
  39. Last fight? Was with the Tesco guy. He may have insinuated I stole something so I may have had him reported to the manager.
  40. Which teacher left the most impact on your life? He was hilarious and excellent at his job… until he got the sack that is #awkward.
  41. What was the most significant event of your life? When I finished writing my book.
  42. Would you say you have more of an English brain than a math brain? Yes. Idek what math is.
  43. Will you want to be remembered after you die? A little. But I know that I will eventually be forgotten. Life.
  44. What was the last movie you watched? A simple favour.
  45. What was the last movie that made you cry? I wanna say Pad man? Also This is Us always gets me.
  46. Have you ever been so happy that you cried? Yes, two days ago when I got a publishing contract that I thought was legit. What a waste of salty water…sigh.
  47. Have you ever won anything, if so, what? Erm, a photography award lol not from like a proper establishment or anything but he looks like an Oscar so its cool.
  48. If you had to get married to the last friend you texted, how would it go? Terribly!
  49. Would you ever go on a blind date? I would struggle with this to be honest. Arranged marriages are basically blind dates and that’s why I can’t go through with one yet.
  50. Do you mind getting famous even if it’s from bad publicity? I do mind. Most publicity is bad publicity.


  1. Daal and ketchup? I must disown you.
    Also I’d like to live the 60’s and 70’s. Good times then.
    I hope your book comes through! May Allah do what is better for you (but like make it what you want?)

    1. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it bro, trust. 70’s for me too so I can double check the authenticity of my parents’ stories. Ameen Ameen Ameen xxx

  2. Daal and Ketchup seriously ?? 😀 Have you eaten egg halwa? Quite famous among kids in India and Pakistan.. It is sweet scrambled eggs ,, my husband thinks that’s the most strangest thing ever , ‘how can the eggs be sweet !’ as per him. One time he put ketchup on my egg halwa ,.. huh..just to bother me and yes the funniest part was your earliest memory.. almost fell from my chair .

    1. She’s vicious my Amma 🤣 I dunno about sweet eggs dude. Some garbar going on there 🤣 agree with your husband on that one. I have ketchup with most things tbh. I dunno why I’m like this 😭

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