Sunday round up 1

Warning: if you and I have dm’d this week, I suggest ya’ll skip this one, it’s gonna sound repetetive, sorry not sorry.

More warnings: I moan in this one, a lot, don’t complain. I don’t charge you rent to be here so you don’t have to approve of the decor innit.

-It’s finally that time of the year where the phrase “baby it’s cold outside” is more than just a phrase and I am psyched. Cold weather zindabaad ya’ll. Yes, I have reached an age where it hurts my bones but minor.

-I’ve worked in education for almost 10 years now. And ironically, the only things I am proud of teaching have nothing to do with academia. I taught a little boy to tie his laces and thats something he will take way into his adult life and I taught a kid who talked with his fist (he hit EVERYBODY) that being the bigger person and walking away from violence will always be answer and though he has moved on to other schools and continues to be a brat, I’m told he has stopped hitting people. And 2 moments in 10 years is not a big achievement but its things like this that make me like my job. Not the marking or teaching fractions. Whats fractions gonna teach anybody?

-We, myself included, are a nation obsessed with our devices. I know three people that day dream into their phones while I am having a conversation with them ergo, in revenge if I now tell a story and they get distracted on their phone, I stop telling it because I am no longer prepared to waste vocal chord action unnecessarily. Before you tell me I am being petty, they don’t even notice I’ve stopped talking. Admittedly this could be because they find my company dull… but, you know what, nah that can’t be it. I have nuff personalities to keep anybody entertained.

-I am pissed off with service providers this week. Royal Mail is getting on my last nerve. Their customer service line is cleverly handled by an automated service. Press 1 if you have a problem. Press 2 if your parcel is missing. Press 3 if you now want to kill yourself because Royal Mail evidently can’t afford to put humans on the phone and instead have placed robots to infuriate you to death.

-You know when you buy something from someone on the promise that they deliver it to you within 3 weeks but then they don’t because of all of the following; illness, personal holidays, too busy, other exciting projects, more personal holidays and the muggins that is you is EXTREMELY understanding of being treated like a doormat despite being a paying customer? That.

Then when said service provider offers the item for free to make up for making you wait for it for ages and you watch them document on social media all these other items they are working on and you notice that your item has now been put at the bottom of the priorities list because its being offered for free (against your wishes) and therefore this means its possibly gonna take even longer now to reach you? That.

THEN, when its 3 months and 3 weeks later and you’re told that your item will finally be posted to you on Monday and come Saturday you dont recieve it so you decide to contact the seller and remind them that you have now been waiting 4 months and they turn around and bark at you that they have have had distressing family circumstances like you are psychich and you’re supposed to know not to annoy them at this difficult time? That.

-If you are someone who provides serivces and sells stuff, here’s some free advice; be a man of your word, if you say I will deliver next month, do it. If you sense a delay announce it and warn the person. If you promise something for free to make up for an error on your part, don’t belittle the person you wronged further by making them feel like a beg when they then ask for what they’re owed. Giving it for free was your decision not theirs. Its not charity. Its theirs. Fullstop. If pressing circumstances come up leave a vague message if needs be but do leave one; can’t talk now but due to an unfortunate and unexpected incident I will now not be able to deliver on time. Because I’m sorry, but if you have time to be liking photos on instagram during a family crisis, then you have time to contact your customers. And finally, losing one customer might seem like a minor loss to you when your business is doing so well mashallah, but it can all get taken from you in a matter of weeks if that customer decides to name and shame you for the way you treat people you deem not important enough to keep your word to.

Treat people with respect.



    1. I’m a “too understanding” idiot. And people take advantage. To give them the benefit of the doubt I scrolled back on my messages to see if I had been rude. All I saw was messages from me being replied to days later and me saying, “don’t worry about it,” “no rush,” “be honest with me are you swamped? Coz this can wait.” I guess the item I was having custom made was 80% less expensive on what other folk were ordering. But that’t not my issue. If you’re willing to sell some things cheaper than others then treat them all as equally important. While they paraded other people’s work being created on their social media I was made to feel that my business was not as important to be given the same attention and dedication too. I was a returning customer for crying out loud! Argh some people get me mad.

  1. I understand what you mean, I can be that sort of “too understanding” idiot too and as you were a returning customer it makes senses why you put up with them….I am assuming their service was better last time so you thought “it’s ok, they are busy, I will wait. It will be worth it!”. I would do the exact same thinking about it now lol. What will become of us, eh?! Lol

    1. I feel like we need to be firmer in our approach because what is the point of being polite if it is not reciprocated?? Actually the service was late the 1st time too (I know 🤦🏽‍♀️) but a discount was given to make up for the blunder so I thought fair enough and went back for more after giving them glowing reviews and reccomending them to everyone. See this is what I mean. I could now go do the opposite, defame them, reccomend other sellers to people and put a slight dent in their business. It won’t kill the business don’t get me wrong, but will defo hurt it a bit. But I have kept them anonymous on here because I’m not an asshole and I just needed to vent.

      1. Yes definitely need to be firmer but I find it hard to be firm with people that sweet talk because then I feel like I am being unreasonable 🙈. And about the defaming them…you didn’t because you’re being the bigger and better person than them. It sucks, I know! Hope you feel better after that vent though 😄

      2. I surely do 🙂 *deep sigh* I dunno why venting get such bad press. Not everyone can afford therapy and this is the next best thing.

  2. That’s not good.

    Where did the customer is king go?

    I am pretty much sure that this is a startup you’re dealing with because no sane business would say that they didn’t deliver because of a family crisis unless 1. They know you personally 2. They think you love them – I can’t see of any other reason.

    This is not the right way 😔

    I am sorry – but 4 months is so long – do they have to make the product or is it like needs to be delivered? I mean you can ask them the real issue and maybe ask them if they need help resolving it – I mean if you still are good on terms with them in your head.

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