It’s my Anniversary. Apparently.

Five years on here. Seven hundred (ish) sleepy followers. Twenty that I actually banter with. Five that I am still actually in touch with. If you are one of them; we made it boo, lol.

It seems like such a long time ago I started blog you know. It was such a promising time for me. I thought it was gonna be huge. And for a while it felt like it was, for me anyway, but it died down real quick. I’ve tried sort of closing blog a couple of times but I always end up missing the writing process and you know, interacting with the 3 people that read my mad rambles.

At the moment, blog is still open for technical reasons to do with the book I wrote, if you know, you know. And I guess as soon as those reasons work themselves out I can finally let go of this bugger. Hopefully permenantly this time. It will be hard and sad but I feel like I have outgrown this playground and new people have come out to play that I need to vacate the yard for. There just isn’t room for everyone to play anymore. Definitely a case of too many cooks going on here.

Anyway. If you read my last post then this is a part two-er of that one I suppose. Long story short, I’m a teacher, I hate teaching maths, but love teaching life.

The second lesson isn’t any easier

So, after the poetry lesson I taught the other day, I was placed in a class where the children were looking petrified as they were split up from last year’s friendship groups and put in a class with brand new people so no one knew anyone. So, I figured a game was in order to break the ice.

We decided to play that game “If I were this and that,” for example If I was a number I would be 8. We had a hat full of random topics and in no time we were all laughing at everyone’s choices and the ice was long melted and forgotten about. Oh and I may have forgotten all about the maths I was supposed to teach… oh well.

Here are some of my faves:

“If I was a boy, I would pee standing up just to see what it’s like.” – Love that this little girl voiced out what we are all thinking. She took one for the team.

“If I was a song I’d be humpty dumpty sat on a wall.” – Why though?

“If I were a poem I’d be roses are red, violets are blue, poems are stupid and so are you!” – Not a fan of poetry this one clearly, lol.

“If I was an emotion I would be that feeling when you stick your head out of the open window of a fast moving car.” – Remember that feeling ya’ll?

“If I was a colour I would be colourless.” I think this kid was trying to be awkward lol.

“If I was a month I’d be July August because no school init.” – Agreed.

They wanted me to play the game too but I feared my answers would not be PC. So I refrained but…

-If I was a clour, right now, I would probably be grey.

-If I was a month, I’d probably be October. I have a soft spot for December but October is Autumn, cool crisp mornings, hot chocolate, cozy socks and messy hair and oversized clothes and Hallmark movies infront of the fire whilst watching the burnt orange leaves dance their way onto the ground out the window. October is the one.

-If I was an emotion I’d be that feeling when you finally hit the sack at the end of a long ass day and tuck yourself in and stretch into a comfortable position and let your eyes drift shut and take a deep ass breath of complete and utter relaxation.

-If I were a poem I would probably be a rupi kaur one for sure;

-If I was a song I would probably be Naked by Ella Mai. Lyrical genius.

-If I was a boy, man. I would literally get away with murder.

But naturally, the bunch of 10 year olds I was teaching don’t need to know any of the above.



  1. Congratulations 🎊 MashaAllah MashaAllah that’s a long time. πŸ’œ
    I think I will never forget Sinan and Layla.
    I re-read Milk and honey this summer. 😍 Rupi Kaur’s poems are great. Are there any other books you’ve read?
    Hala wallah! πŸ’œ

    1. Aww thank you! That makes me so happy. I don’t think I will forget them either. I’m not into poetry but I love Rupi Kaur’s work and am unsure why it gets such bad press. I haven’t read anything else in the longest time so if you have any light read reccomendations I’d love to check them out. I haven’t got the energy to read heavy stuff anymore lol x

  2. I wish these wordpress notifications were more idk expression-ly. I mean. five years. Congratulations. Moving on.
    But lol I do love your posts and stuff. Dont stop with your blog because I like it. So selfless of me.
    I wish my math teacher had made such effort instead of shrilly screaming in my ear that I wouldnt get fractions. I mean I did, I just thought the way she did them was unnecessarily complicated. She didnt take it well. i think i need my therapist now.

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