The first lesson is always the hardest.

So I taught English today. I had to get the kids to write an “abstract poem” of sorts. We teach by modelling at the educational establishment that I frequent, ergo I had to model what a good one looked like for the kids. I could not have been a worse candidate for the job; I’m a little dense when it comes to poetry. Luckily a template for the poem was provided (the 5 senses and a dramatic end) and this made life easier for me.

Anyway the kids picked an emotion for me to write the poem about. I voted we write about anger (I know, healthy, right?) but they voted for love (boo!) so love it was.

Love is yellow,

It looks like my mother’s smile,

It sounds like a melodious tune,

It smells like freshly-baked donuts,

It tastes like hot hot chocolate!

It feels like a cool breeze running through my hair,

It should be shared and not kept a secret,

Love is yellow.

Naturally I got a standing ovation. Then it was their turn and God, I had so many good ones that cracked me up when I was marking,

Anger is red, it looks like fire. It smells like smoke. It tastes like pepper.

I also had;

Joy is pink, it looks like candy floss and tastes like fresh air.

Two of my favourites;

“Romanticness” is purple. It looks like two love birds singing on a tree branch.

“Kindness is see through. It should be sprinkled in the air like rainbow confetti.”

But the one that stole the show for me, and broke my heart a little bit was this one, by the quietest little girl whose name ironically means happiness. It was too good to be burried in her book for no one to see so I am sharing it here;

Sadness is blue.

It looks like a rainy cloud.

It sounds like a baby, crying.

It smells like a field of bluebells.

It tastes like melted ice cream.

It feels like the tears sliding down your cheek.

It lives inside of you.

Sadness is blue.

Her poem made mine look like a restaurant menu. To my lovely student I want to say;

B, this one’s for you my love.

From Miss A x



  1. Wow these kids are better at poetry than I am at breathing (sometimes I forget and nearly die)
    I feel like a potato now. Back to my therapist sigh.
    (My favourite was the kindness wala. So cute!!)

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