Pissed off musings on this rainy saturday

Warning: if swearing offends you, this post is not gonna float your boat. Feel free to go read another one. I won’t be offended.

-My feet are freezing, which means it’s that time of the year again.

-My day is going appalingly bad today which makes me sad actually. But meh. People are dying all over the world and I have a roof over my head. Alhamdulilah. Perspective is crucial and I will eventually get there. It always takes me a little longer than everyone else to find perspective.

-I’ve noticed that when someone upsets me, I generally tend to let it slide. I very rarely tell people they have offended me because I dont like the idea of making them feel awkward. I know its not healthy to bottle things up. But I hate being confrontational. So even if I am fuming, the worst thing I will do is keep away from you for a few days to cool off so I don’t bite your head off the next time we speak.

And yet…

I find that I am surrounded by pricks who have no qualms about telling me (in sinfully great detail) what it is that I have done to upset them.

Why don’t they ever extend the courtesy of letting things slide to me like I do to them? Because Lord knows you have pissed me off a gazillion and one times, Shagufta. So why is it so easy for you to ruin my day by telling me that something I did really pissed you off because your sorry ass interpreted it a certain way?

Ohhh, Because I have made you so comfortable in my unconfrontational presence that you know I’m easy to push over? Because you wanna get it off your chest by dumping the load on my shoulders and ruining my day?

Aye, I see how it is. You absolute wanker.

Welln as long as you feel better now its off your chest. Don’t worry bout ruining my day love. It’s all good. I’ll survive until your mood improves and you come back to me asking for a favour pretending that you didn’t rattle my cage that one time.

-I don’t actually know a Sahgufta. The name was used for the purposes of not naming anyone I know irl. And it’s a bit of a comical name. Lolage.

-Shit is that offensive to anyone who knows any Shagufta’s? I’m sorry.

-Taxi drivers are wonderful people. Especially ones that banter with you and hopefully don’t turn out to be stalkers who now know where you live…

-So, I’ve had a word with the lady that took the photo of chaiwala lads. It was a precious 5 seconds in which she informed me that chaiwala is not necessarily her best piece of work. Obviously, I respectfully disagree because hubba bubba.

-I should go pray maghreb I suppose. Ya’ll have a good night.




    1. Cheers babs, yeah Shagufta has gotten on my nerves today and then some. She needs to do one, churail 😒 p.s. don’t google churail, I just did for spelling purposes and am now cursing myself, google images is having a right party with that word. Tawba.

      1. Cheers. I’ll send you a copy of my book, when I find a publisher that wants it, as a token of my appreciation innit. Watch this space Aman.

  1. Here some positive vibes: ✨✨✨✨💖✨✨✨✨
    Tam I heart you. I hope you have better days. Also idk I’m not sure where this sudden burst of emotion came from but it’s genuine.

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