If we were having tea

If we were having tea right now, I’d ask you if having last night’s Chinese for breakfast is normal…

And then smile as you nod along to spare my feelings, insisting on acting so formal.

I’d also tell you, while we’re at it, that poetry really isn’t my game and ask you to bear with my rhymes especially the ones that are really lame.

We’d cover a variety of topics in this little rendevouz, some quizzes, some puzzles and perhaps a riddle or two.

For instance is it true what they say, that elephants never forget? And can you actually love someone that you’ve never even met?

If we were having tea right now, I’d thank you for my coffee the other week and thoroughly apologise for not giving you a chance to speak.

You see I get carried away talking when we finally get together, I bleed all topics dry, not even sparing the weather.

I’d ask you why you’re a mere figment of my imagination, the fact that you’re here but not quite there being pure abomination.

Life’s cruel joke is not wasted on me, she gave me a companion who fits me perfectly.

But the catch is of course they aren’t mine to keep and in order to spend some time with them, I must go back to sleep.

This is a reasonable price to see a loved one and sounds so easy, but for somone with insomnia this task isn’t so breezy.

If we were having tea right now I’d tell you I look forward to the day we finally meet, we’d shuffle our feet awkwardly as the other hesitates to greet.

Contrary to what we actually think the air would be filled with silence. But here’s hoping you won’t scar me with your topics of choice; politics, war and violence.

Even if that was actually the case I’d go where the conversation takes us and smile, tea and any time spent with you will always be worth my while.



    1. Me too but fasting ๐Ÿ˜‚ Singapore. In an area called little india. Hygiene was questionable as pointed out repeatedly by my party but very little comes between your girl and chai ๐Ÿค— I took a risk and man. Totally worth it.

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