The UK now owns your organs after you die

Well. It doesn’t but, it could. Unless you opt out. Apparently.

I chuffin’ hate love me a good chain letter. And there’s one currently circulating which states that your organs and tissue are property of the UK after you die unless you fill a form in to opt out. I checked the form out for someone and took it upon myself to tell them it was probably a hoax. It was asking for far too many personal details to be real and the url looked a bit dodge too.

Having spoken to a few people who work in the NHS though, I was told that the Government is currently debating whether to make this an actual scheme. Parliament hasn’t reached a decision for England but some say this is already happening in Wales.

Donating organs is a noble thing to do and something I have even researched out of genuine interest in becoming an organ donor post death. When I carried out said research the conclusion by an overwhelming majority was that there isn’t sufficient evidence to say whether donating your organs after you die was halal or haram.

A friend of mine was indignant that I was opposed to this form because they would be happy to donate etc. My problem isn’t the donating part at all. Why would I oppose that? What good are organs to me in the grave? I’d basically be worm food. My problem was that such a scheme could exist in the first place. Seems like an awful infringment of human rights to me.

Don’t quote me on anything I have said. I have nothing to back it up with. I could research this myself but I have to hoover and you know… forget that I live in a country where my wages aren’t all mine, the house I own isn’t technically mine and now my organs are apparently running the risk of not being my own either.

I can’t even.



  1. Subha Allah! Wow, I am speechless because of this, I mean people are really going CRAZY because of this world, man. I am American, and I am just now hearing about this, Astuhg Fir Allah! May Allah give us all the justice us, as Muslims deserve, Ameen. This is nonsense! I mean donating is one thing, but not being able to own your own property, is another. We need to be stronger and tougher and come together as one. Not only is this wrong, but this is also insane! I can’t stand to hear all of the craziness going on in this world of ours, Subhan Allah.

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