Punish a muslim day

If you have the misfortune of living in the UK this month, you will know that tomorrow is supposedly punish a muslim day. Not really sure how the idea for this day came about… other than from a place of deep hatred.

The idea is you punish a muslim for some points. Like some sick Harry Potter system. From verbal abuse to throwing acid in someone’s face, you are awarded points… by who I have no idea. Probably the fucked up folk society.

I have spent the past few weeks telling everyone to relax, that it was some vicious rumour circulating to spread fear but lo and behold, some guy got pulled into a car a few hours ago and had acid thrown in his face bless him.

Not that this matters but its not even the 3rd yet. I genuinely have no words. The pricks wanted to give us a preview I suppose. Allah has our backs. My mind knows that. My heart feels sad though at the injustices of the world, at not feeling safe in your own home anymore and at ignorance and blind hatred spreading faster than disease.

My mum’s telling us all not to go out tomorrow. I was supposed to go to the post office and run a few errands and I have half a mind to still go, pricks or not. How do I explain to my mother that if they started on the 2nd what’s to say they will stop on the 4th? Seems to me everyday is punish a muslim day these days.



  1. Tbh sis, today I was quite vigilant out there. It was pretty stressful, anxiety inducing to think that anyone walking towards me could potentially mean harm. My commute is so long, 1-2hrs that it’s impossible to stay alert throughout.

      1. Agreed. I don’t want to let the fear in, but sis maybe it’s better it be cautious to be on the safe side. I have to go to work tomorrow, can’t take a day off teaching, but I may get Abu to drop me instead of bussing it.

  2. Aaakh it hurts my heart.💔
    I’m just praying and praying that everyone stays safe, unharmed. And May Allah give those people Hidayah.

    (Just a tiny request don’t want to sound annoying but yaar don’t use f word.😅 Your posts are so perfect MashaAllah just minus that.😁Hope you don’t mind me saying this.)

  3. Stay safe sis I was planning to go out today as I have a day off but where I live it’s a no no. It’s a shame I have to be a prisoner in my own home. Mau Allah SWT keep us all safe Ameen

  4. We just have to remember to never give up hope in Allah, because He’s always with us no matter what! some people may even leave Islam because of this Day

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