Minimalism update #3

Well mandem. The time is now 3;19@? – Wow, I’m so drained that that’s how I wrote 3:19am. I’m sick of waking up constantly at night for one thing or another. It is thoroughly exhausting. I just want decent quality sleep.

Now that that insignificant whinge (in a world where some actual horror is taking place as we speak) is out of the way, I shall attempt to update you on my minimalism journey because I like to bore you I suppose, but also it increases accountability. If you want the other two updates… please find them yourself. I can’t even write the time correctly right now so I’d rather not attempt linking stuff.

Long story short: I got rid of some books so my surroundings can become a bit less cluttered, a bit more minimal.

Long story long:

When I was younger it was my dream to have a room in the house with a library; shelves covering every wall. You remember how gassed Belle got when she saw the Beast’s library? That’s me. I wanted that library.

Then I grew up and realised that books take up a lot of space, especially for someone like me who had hundreds, and they get dusty, and discoloured with time. And though owning them felt so satisfying, I sledom read them more than once. So really why were they there? They became ornaments.

This is when I invested in a Kindle. I’m not the biggest fan, because to me, nothing beats the feeling of a book, or that glorious smell of ink and paper and I still, to my friends’ confusion, visit book shops all the time. They’re my happy place.

Last Easter, I went cray and ruthless on my immense book collection. I literally filled up 3 or 4 large crates of them and gave them away to people who wanted them. There was a little sadness at the loss but I am not even joking when I say the space I freed up was a welcome surprise. It just felt so much less cluttered and I only kept like 100 books or so.

Last week, I tried to get rid of even more books by selling them because I am doing another declutter. This was proving a difficult task and I ended up arguing with a guy who runs one of the websites that buy books off of people- true story. So, I decided to donate them to the public library.

I now have something like 27 books left. These were books I couldn’t get rid off for various reasons, they were either signed by the author, or they were in a set, or books I want to re read at some point and books that were gifted to me. Twenty seven books is probably three floating shelves worth of space and I can live with that… for now.

Meanwhile, the mission is to no longer be tempted to buy physical copies of books. I always fall of the wagon and succumb you see, but I must be strong this year. I will not be swayed by gorgeous book covers and from now on I will go 98% digital.

So all in all this mission was a success.

Next thing to declutter: devices and cables. Smh. Wish me luck.



  1. Omg, that’s an accomplishment, Tam! Wow, that’s crazy. I’m such a hoarder when it comes to certain things, and books are one of those things! 😀 Always good reading your long story long though 😉

  2. I can TOTALLY relate to the Belle scene! 😀 Sigh yeah I guess we a;; realized books are also heavy! You know what I have thought of is that I will only keep books that I think I will want to read again in the future. Or books that are so good that I feel proud that I own them. (okay, I sorta hate myself for not being able to summarize my thoughts 😦 )
    Sinan and Layla was the first story I read online ( In English). 😀

    You did a great job Tam! ❤ You're inspiring me. 😀 Best of luck with the next phase.

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