Addictions to let go of & minimalism update #2

I have been attempting lately to embrace a simpler and less complicated lifestyle. One where I am no longer a hoarder in terms of holding on to actual physical items. But also, I want to let go of a lot of other… ideas that hold me down as though they are an unshiftable weight that refuses to let me go.

John Green; epic human being, author, YouTuber, released a video explaining that he was going to leave a few things behind in 2017 and not carry them with him into 2018. A truly wonderful concept. Easier said than done, of course. But if it can be said, then it can at least be attempted.

This video sparked somewhat of a debate amongst my people. It got us talking first of all, about things we are addicted to, that we should consider weaning ourselves off this year. The answers were varied and colourful; food, online shopping, make up, swearing, clothes, conversation, Netflix, YouTube and people.

If you thought food was mine I don’t blame you. I do love me some grubb, but it wasn’t, I’d be surprised if anyone can figure out which one was mine actually.

We talked about all the possible and healthier alternatives we should explore (reading and the gym being popular choices) instead of our respective addictions if you like and all in all it was an interesting debate. Not a fan of debates though I am.

I’ve already, in a previous post, outlined what I would like to achieve in 2018. So I don’t mean this to be repetetive, but every this year I really want to be less affected by shit. Especially when I feel that I have been wronged. People don’t like being wronged as a general rule but when it happens to me, I get upset times a thousand. I weep and lose sleep over it for days. This is because I invest a large chunk of myself into anything and anyone that means a lot to me. No one makes me do this, so I have only myself to blame, I know. But I can’t help it.

My mother on the other hand, when wronged, can turn the other way, learn from it and forget it ever happened. I want to be like that this year. God knows she has tried to explain to me, that not all people will forgive you just because you forgave them, they won’t all be here for you at 5:00am because you were there for them and they won’t always welcome you back with open arms like you did for them.

She says you can either stop being too nice or stop expecting too much and that the people who wrong anyone will one day wake up and think ‘shit, I should have treated this person better and now they’re gone,’ and that’s that. My thick head refuses to get it. But I shall work on it this year.

Enough with the heavy. I present to you minimalism update number 2.

I have, to my great horror, managed to collect and accumalate 10 plastic water bottles from my room today. Something I actually do every week but have never thought twice about. I’ll let you do the math. Ahem. My family buy water bottles in bulk and I take one to my room every night in case I get thirsty which I hardly ever do.

Ideally, I wanted to replace these with a steel or glass bottle that I refill every night but I only happen to have a plastic one at hand for now. So I shall use that one until it breaks or gets misplaced.

Next thing to minimise on; books. The one I dread the most. Eeeks.



  1. Oh MashaAllah! ❤ I really appreciate and respect people who like when they think of something they don't just sit there, they get it done. 😀 (Like my younger sis. 😛 )
    Really liked that para about what your mom says.
    And hey do get yourself a glass or steel one! My sister has a steel one in her room, and I'm the dumb/lazy person who take a plastic one everyday. XD
    Keeep it up! ❤ Best of luck with your next step. I tried doing it this summer but failed. 🙂

    1. Oh yeaaah. Remember those steel glasses? I’m going to all the Asian shope trying to find one. Purely for nostalgia reasons. My mother hates how retro I am. She says you are trying to make yourself older on purpose whyyyyy! 😅 Ya know I am probably doing it all wrong but I’m having a laugh trying. And *hides face in shame* I found like 2 more plastic bottles behind the bed. I have a problem honestly 😨

      1. It doesn’t look pretty it’s dull. XD Get a glass one, maybe?
        Ahahaha honestly the case is similar here, at first my mother was really weirded out by like collecting trash and then like shoving it in the soil.Because she hates the idea of ‘keeping trash’ you know? XD

        That is the reason we have a water dispenser in front of the bedrooms. 😉

      2. See water dispensers are a very Asian / Arab thing. Here they are only found in offices. Nah man what you chatting about. Metal glass all the way. It looks so cute!! 😍 I’m still producing trash. It’s hard to be zero waste man. Ima just up my recycling game to begin with. I don’t wanna drown in it if you know what I mean. One YouTuber got so into it, she shaved her eye brows to make her face minimal…….

      3. o.o That is weird. I didn’t know that.
        Haha it IS hard. Minimalism is easier I guess, but it requires the art of letting go. :/

        Ahahahah I know who you are talking about she even made a video of that explaining her eyebrows ahahaha. XD Jenny something right?

  2. Wow. I never thought of swearing as an addition… but it is though. Woah.
    Get yourself a steel glass. Just one step closer to that charpai✌️

    1. Really? Clearly you and I have never had a long conversation lool. Watch this space re steel glass. My nani has one that I have had my eye on for ages. Last time she screamed “Tam just take it! You stare at it so much everytime you come here, I’m surprised it’s not broke yet!” I turned down her kind offer. I will find my own lol. As for charpai…. no one loves me enough to get me one. I give up *sob, sob* 🙁

      1. No like I understand swearing, but now that I look at it like that, things make sense. Being desi and all…. nothing like a good conversation and swearing lol.
        As for the steel glass, take your nani’s. Honestly. You want the legit goods no? And I’m afraid you will just have to save up for that charpai. Unless you come to Pakistan or India. Then you migt be able to get a free one😉

      2. India is obviously the ultimate goal for me, having indian roots and all. As for Pakistan, I mean, that’s unlikely to happen, I have no one there. I think *dramatic pause* the charpai dream will have to just be that; a dream. Sigh.

      3. Awww, that’s too bad. But yk, there’s lots of touristy stuff that goes on, you could just go to either country with a couple of other tourists and explore and stuff and nick a charpai on the way back. Could work. (But then again you’d have to save up😂) but they actually have nice arrangements and all.

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