Minimalism Update #1… ish.

Sup ya’ll?

The season to be jolly is over. Yours truly turned 30 and apart from a little knee pain (I know!) and a cold / cough that refuse to go away, I feel aight ya know. Same ish, different day.

I have spent an alarming amount of hours watching romantic films. I blame the holidays for this you know, they do me in. I’ve also been listening to the song from The Snowman (walking in the air) a lot. If you haven’t watched The Snowman (1982), do. It’s on YouTube, only 27 minutes and it is pure magic.

So, minimalism updates. I haven’t done much per se. I yacked on about it to a lot of folk and got some hate mail because I apparently inspired a couple of people to clear out their loft and attic. Yay! Result! I inspired people. I haven’t done that since the 90s. That’s when some of ya’ll were born, kids.

Anyway, they now hate me because I made them throw away stuff they don’t use anymore. How dare I indeed. I’ve also inspired my cousin (a journalist) to write an article about it apparently. Minimalism is not a recognised concept where she lives, you see.

As for me personally, I need to invest in a couple of things, I think, to start living minimally. I don’t like the idea of spending money to become a minimalist but I feel a couple of sacrifices will have to be made at the start of this journey. Namely a tote bag.

My reasoning; I am the worst culprit for using plastic bags at the supermarket. I go through tons. I tend not to care about the extra charge and even when I buy a “bag for life” I never take it out of the car because it’s big and bulky and crinckly and just not compact at all.

So, I think a fabric bag will be perfect. You can fold it away and be done with it. It is necessary and not that pricey I feel. You would agree with me if you knew how many times I go to Tesco a week. They should give me shares honestly.

Anyway, I am torn between these two, opinions please.



  1. “They should give me shares honestly” cracked me up ๐Ÿ˜‚ as for the tote bags, I think, you can put two in the car. In case your forgot to take it back into the car after unloading you can have a spare and when you have a spare you make sure you don’t use any more plastics XD but if I were to choose one I’d like the one on the right hahahaha

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