It’s 2°, which is cold for England

…and I am absolutely boiling. Like to the point of being irritated. My colleagues are wrapped up and I am walking around sweating in a shirt. I can’t feel it per se but someone touched me and said I was radiating heat. To be fair their skin felt freezing cold and so comforting to touch. Ahhh.

Fever game strong this week. It’s on and off. Comes and goes. Sunday was my worst day though, I got so dehydrated and dizzy I basically passed out and created this whole scene for my family which was fun for them. I like to spice up their life now and then.

I’ve said it before but I really do have the worst immune system in the world which is not helped by the fact that I basically work in a germ hub. Still, I soldiered on and went to work because my new year’s rez is to improve my work ethic. Not.

I do however want to;

1. Finish a lip balm. I buy them, use half, then misplace or forget about them.

2. Stop giving people the time of day. This essentially means if someone is being a prick. Tell them. Don’t sugar coat it to spare their feelings. Here’s a practice run: “you’re a prick, stop being one.” Oh, that felt beautiful.

3. Somehow improve my immune system. Any recommendations? I feel like I spelt that word very wrong. Good thing I don’t impart wisdom for a living or anything.

4. Finish cups of tea. Not let them get cold, re-heat repeatedly then tip in the sink.

5. Remember less people’s birthdays… it’s getting ridiculous how many people I have to buy ish for which brings me on to…

6. Be better with money, *remembers bank balance, closes eyes in horror*

7. Don’t impress anyone. Least of all employers. They only see who what they want to see and nothing else. Why bother?

8. Really get into minimalism. Read: own less shit.

9. Get into the recycling hype. Or at least try.

10. Not to get attached to humans. Only things. And cats.



  1. For me continuous sneezing in the morning is…like..great no need to check the temp on phone. :/
    (Pure) Honey everyday should help you with the sickness and also will give you strength.

    Heeey minimalism. Even though I don’t own that much I feel I really like the idea of minimalism (not the live in a van kinda thing) just that simplicity would be nice. 😀
    Last one in tough.If you do it temme how.
    Salamtek ❤ Take care of yourself.

    1. Allah yisalimik habibti 🙂 will try honey and vitamin D I think. I have been fascinated by videos of people who live in a van! I wanna do it! *realises she just purchased a house, pipes down* 😅

  2. Try vitamins and stuff like that for the immune system.
    Seems doable. The list.
    Except for the last one.
    GETTING ATTACHED TO CATS IS YOUR LOSS. Cats do NOT love you. Even when they rub against your legs, it is to establish a slave-master relationship with you. And obviously you’re not the master.
    All cats want is world domination. They are trying to infiltrate human homes at every level, just to figure out exactly how to do that. They have succeeded in getting their emojis and own Instagram pages, who knows what next?
    Forcing people to eat cat food only?

      1. But that just depends on the human. If another cat wins the human in a cat fight, then cat 1 will have to leave. Listen, Ik this. Experience.

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