//. 7

There’s a few shitty things happening around me that are too close to ignore. As hard as I try to turn the other cheek, pretend none of it is happening, this invisible force makes me turn back round to face my demons whether I want to or not. I wouldn’t wish this gut wrenching pain on my worst enemy and I’m quite a bitter bitch so that’s saying something.

Still, December is coming.

December always fixes everything somehow.

December is a storage compartment you rent so you can lock all the bullshit away and leave it behind for a long time before you need to pay it a visit again.

December is the end of all the bad and the begining of (potentially) all the good.

December is the shoulder you sometimes want to lean on because the people around you just aren’t cutting it anymore.

December is that warm embrace you need when everyone else is asleep and no one is around to comfort your distressed ass.

December is that piping hot tomato soup warming your soul on a bitter cold day spent in your car, parked outside the cemetery.

December is hot chocolate and release; an influx of much needed happy hormones.

December is that soft breeze that tickles your face like a caress.

December is the winter sun that warms your finger tips.

December. Hella pressure being put on you I know, but you better turn up.



  1. December has always been cold feet and long exam papers with numb, painful hands for me but oh well. Atleast someone loves December. Poor guy.
    But their will be fog though. Something to look forward to I guess.

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