Things I think about…

…when I’m supposed to be sleeping, because work;

-I don’t make nearly enough people jealous that I speak Arabic fluently when they don’t. I feel like it’s the one language that everyone is learning these days and there is a teasing opportunity not to be missed here.

-I cannot wait until December. This month brings my heart so much joy and God knows I need me some joy right about now.

-Why did I buy a scary book yesterday that I am now too scared to read? Dimwit. There’s Β£7 I ain’t ever seeing again.

-Waiting for medical test results is one part of growing up I don’t want to have to deal with. Going to hospital for further tests is a second. Physical pain is a third. As it turns out, my pain threshold is an absolute joke.

-Sometimes, I honestly think I am the funniest person I know.

-If greenery didn’t make me itchy and the ground wasn’t muddy 24/7 because England, I’d sit under a tree all day, close my eyes and just feel.

-I want a fitbit just to see what my sleeping pattern’s saying. I know 100% that my sleep is disturbed every night because I wake up and stare at my ceiling like a zombie but evidence would be nice.

-I should cut my hair. I’ve grown it long enough. It’s not grass. Decision is now made. Goodbye hair.



  1. Tam what are you doing with your life?
    I don’t even know Arabic (like I know every Little) and I tease my ARAB friends that my Arabic is better than theirs. XD Learn from me, because one of the first messages I got from my friend were like -_- stop showing off. πŸ˜›

    Doesn’t December mean that it will get colder? πŸ˜›
    YOU ARE one of the funniest person I know. ❀
    Hope you feel happy after getting a hair cut, something new is cool. πŸ˜€ My friend got a hair cut today after delaying for soo long. So good you made a decision!

    1. December is bae. I like cold even if I can’t hack it anymore. Idk, December is just special. Everyone’s in a good mood and just nicer coz christmas I suppose. But it signals the end of a usually shitty year. And this year has been crap. Glad its over. I am rather funny ngl 🀣 jokes man, but glad you think so babe. Yeah the hairs going. Screw it.

  2. Looool I would love to sit under my tree and feel too but then you get the creepy crawlies and disgusting cat odour thanks to a (stray) cat obsession in your family. And then the sun… and then cat waste… sighs.
    Go drastic with your hair!
    Trust me, humour is a rarity in the human species. Cherish yourself.

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