//. 6

There’s an Arabic proverb which roughly translated says; “those who knock on doors will recieve answers.” Essentially it means if you rattle people’s cages, you will get what’s coming to you. If you meddle in what doesn’t concern you, you will regret it later. If you eavesdrop on someone’s conversation, only you are to blame for what you end up hearing.

I unintentionally eavesdropped on someone’s phone conversation once. I didn’t mean to, but the snippets I caught grabbed my attention and it was destructive shit that concerned me and several loved ones so I had to know what was being said. Could I prevent any of it from happening? No. And yet there I was listening to things that ate away at me bit by bit coming from the mouth of someone I never dreamed would be saying any of it at all.

I got so scared of what I heard, I felt nauseous, hyperventilated and had a panic attack. As I sat on the floor trying to control my breathing I remember thinking I am never going to eavesdrop on anyone’s conversation ever again.

…until I found myself doing the same thing, five years later, tonight. Do you ever worry histroy is about to repeat itself?



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