//. 1

“Can I ask you something?”

-You already have.


-By asking “can I ask you something” you’ve already… you know what? Never mind. What’s up?

“If he hurts you, why are you still with him?”

-Flippin’ heck. Deep much? I thought you were going to ask why Taylor Swift is not as good as she used to be or some shit, God.

“Should I know who that is? Why do you know people I don’t? We’re the same age. Stop being trendier than me. You don’t have to answer anyway. But it will eat away at me. It’s all I think about when I see you like this. Bruised and defeated. No offense.”

-Lots taken. I don’t know. It’s easier I suppose.

“To be physically and emotionally hurt on a what? Daily basis now?”

-I didn’t say it made sense. It does in my head though and I can tell by your face that you will never understand if I tell you that that’s not really who he is-

“Oh my word.”


“You’re right, I’ll never see it like you do. Ever. I don’t judge you for staying but God, what must that even feel like?”

-Physical or emotional?

“I’m going to regret asking this, aren’t I? Physical. Let’s get the worst out of the way.”

-It’s cute that you think the physical side is the worst.

“Yes, because pain. Hello!”

-You grow thick skin and then it’s not so bad.

“That’s the most depressing shit I ever heard. I don’t even know how you can shrug and be so nonchalant. It’s like we’re talking about the weather.”

-It’s… claustrophobic. I guess because he’s bigger and in your face you feel cornered. It’s not as painful as much as it’s scary. He gets creative. Today his hand snaked around the back of my neck and it was like being trapped in a grip of steel. Then he just smashed my head against the nearest pillar repeatedly. I was very disoriented. So nauseous.

“Oh God, I am going to throw up. Do you need an ice pack or something? Let me see your head.”

-Yes, to feel more numb is the just what the doctor ordered.

“Oh ha ha, stop laughing! I want to help, I don’t know how.”

-This is helping actually. Talking about it. Everyone always wants to sympathise but no one ever wants to listen, really listen.

“No, I’ll always listen. I don’t agree with you staying. But you can always talk to me.”


“So what does the emotional abuse feel like, then?”

-Like all the promises ever made to you broke at once.



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