When you have way too much free time on your hands…

-Does anyone choose the “Price- High to Low” option?

-Do more people know that in Harry Potter, the message on the Mirror of Erised actually reads; I show not your face but your hearts desire, if read backwards?

-Where is the good in goodbye?

-If love is blind, why is the lingerie industry as big as it is?

-Is colourless actually a colour?

-In the middle seat on a plane, which armrest is yours?

-If Tarzan grew up in the jungle away from civilisation (and razors) where’s his beard?



  1. – Not Really but I think I might have mistakenly pressed it quite many times.
    – I have no idea what that is from Harry Potter.
    – Goodbye is actually you saying that have a safe way back to where you want to go and see you around in good health next time too.
    – Love and that has no connection (-_-)”
    – No it is not just like how Black and White are not colours, one is the absence of colour and one is the combination of all possible colours.
    – I am unsure myself.
    – Only Cavemen have beards not Jungle men – you need to do some research on beards (-.-)

  2. I guess I only say goodbye to people I’m GLAD to see go away.
    Also colour is overrated. Colourless is underrated. The absence of colour. (Also I think black is the absorption of all colours and that is different)
    Being desi means ANY arm rest is yours. 😌
    And maybe tarzan just wasn’t man enough to grow a beard.

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