Nana Speaks; Revisited

Hey ya’ll.

Depending on how long you have been following my blog, you will know that a couple of years ago (I think!) I started a series called Nana Speaks which consists of some extracts I have been sharing from my Grandfather’s memoirs so to speak. More details of course can be found in Part 1 of the series where I talked about this little mission of mine to get Nana’s name on the literary map. Obviously, I didn’t manage to get him published, hell I can’t even get myself published and I am alive.

Still, I shared with you all his thoughts on matters that he had on his mind prior to passing away, his thoughts on friends and family, the poetic way in which he talked about being homesick, and of course more and more beautiful words he shared on the old computer before his death. If you have nothing to do, I encourage you to read it all. Your soul will be enriched.

I am sorry to say that the last time I visited his documents was February 2016 which is shameful. I can only blame work and the fact that the USB I had saved all his work on decided to go ahead and stop working and recovering the bulk of work was a mission and a half. But anyway, I am off work at the moment and on the hunt for more beautiful words to share with you all. Please spare him a prayer when you read. Thank you.

Side note; I normally edit the work’s font and capitalisation to make it look presentable but I thought it might be fun today to invite you to see it exactly how he wrote it. I’m not sure why he capitalised some words but I know that the highlights were to help him see the words better as his vision was compromised towards the end of his life Bless him.


In SINGAPORE, I caught sight of two wrapped chocolate pieces on the bed  above a card reading `sweet dreams` and signed off, above a good night wish, by the chamber maid who did my bed. As part, I  guess, of winning friends for the hotel. In my hand from a drawer of a wardrobe around – were valuable photographs bringing back memories of friends and relatives in different apparels and poses  preserved in an album. The people represented by the photos came to me in a dream, and, I spent a lovely time with them. Missing them so much led to my next day booking an air ticket to Yemen where they were [mostly in Aden].


Always recall the education/education/education mantra. Three of my own kids took advantage of it. One being a doctor, a BSc and a holder of a degree in Middle Eastern studies, which handsomely pay back already.


Despite the bitterly cold weather, I watched many children have fun outside making and throwing snowballs at each other.  In fact, their cheerfulness made us want to have a look at the Christmas lights in town and we looked forward to hearing the xmas songs played at this time of the year like `White Christmas` in many shopping areas. But I could not dare step out of the house not to encounter catostrophies, like `flu` as a senior lad suffering from stroke and other illnesses. Instead, we chose doing something we had remembered doing 15 years or so ago at this kind of festive period, like going to the mall.

I find the fact that he refers to himself as a “senior lad” so adorable ♥ I also find myself smiling at the memory of how much cold weather terrified him bless him. Anyway, I feel like this is a good one to end this post with, until the next time.

Out of love for me and in the interest of my own longevity, he [my son] thought that it was good for me to be amidst, or close to, a telephone set so I could hear the voices of relations and friends as easily as possible.  The happiness following that, made him feel amazingly better, as it would. At least according to Asian traditions and, I guess, within many other cultures –  as simple as that. Time that I now sign off. It could well be an insult to your intelligence and unfair to talk about this any more. With that in mind, now signing off and wishing you all best at all times, wherever you may be.



  1. He was so amazing! I have this vision of –a seniore lad❤️
    Schedule enough posts for the rest of the year. I need these. I don’t even know why– usually I don’t like to read excerpts. But still. Hopefully ONE DAY he will be published! And then we shall finally understand him! Let’s hope. Thank you for the post!

  2. My Paternal Grandfather passed away before I was born but the interesting part about him is that he was a Writer and a Librarian.

    I really wish my father had kept his books safe so that I could have read it and might have tried to know about him, and his life. My father sometimes tell me that if he was alive he’d be really happy to see me (Bilal) because I have grown up into exactly the type of person he wanted my father to grow up to become (Book lover type of person + Good at studies).

    It’s a very good experience that you enjoy from reading these pieces of literature which were specifically written by him so that people in future can read and to actually read it from a person you knew on a personal level is amazing.

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