Weird things that bring joy to my heart

1. That smell that AC’s make when they have been on for a while. 

2. Flipping the pillow onto the cold side again and again and again…

3. The smell of stuff burning. This one makes me sound evil. I don’t actively burn stuff to smell I promise.

4. Listening to old songs that my parents used to listen to back in their day. I really think I am an old soul.

5. Words. I’m obsessed with words. How they’re strung together in the most amazing ways to form a quote that can literally transport you to another realm in a matter of seconds. Here’s something I wrote the other day that got me hella gassed; “You collected me like a magnet to adorn the fridge you call a heart.”  Don’t even try telling me that’s not deep. I’m just sorry that the prick who inspired it will never know it was about him.

6. Going abroad and sitting in your hotel room in peace and quiet. I know this defies the objective of going abroad because you’re supposed to be exploring after you paid all that money. But… I can’t help it I feel so happy.

7. Being. Driven. Around. Please. God. Yes. Let’s just say after 10 years of driving everyone (ahem, men, ahem) around I am tired. It’s time to be the passenger. I actually get high with happiness when someone else drives. Which almost never happens.

8. Watching the road and just thinking non-stop on the motorway as a passenger of course.

9. Conversations with a stranger. Preferably online when I can hide behind a security blanket.

10. Breaking in a stubborn pair of shoes until they no longer hurt. Feels like an actual accomplishment.

11. Living imaginary scenarios in my head in such great detail it’s borderline unhealthy.

12. Watching and making videos. I love vlogs. When I was 10, we had this massive video camera that the person filming had to literally carry on their shoulder to record. I used to put it on the table, sit infront of it and talk. This was in like the 90s when vlogging wasn’t a thing. So my YouTube aspirations go way back you know. Vlogs are hella dull to some but an insight into someone else’s life has always fascinated me.

13. Looking at old buildings and trying to imagine what they used to be back in the day. I can get lost in this activity for hours.

14. The taste of water from melted ice cubes and munching on ice cubes themselves.

15. Being (mildly) warm physically in an absolutely freezing cold room. Bliss.



  1. 5,8,9,10,13. Me exactly.
    And no. 11 to an extent where it is DANGEROUS. I could spend HOURS. And I have actually sometimes stayed up nights because I couldn’t stop. πŸ˜‚

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