Extracts from shit I wrote ages ago.

Before I turned le blog into a 3rd grade online journal, I used to get hella deep on here. I am very shallow now clearly. Ergo, shit I wrote from 2013 onwards. 


My love, Remember how much I used to love quotes? Well, the other day, I came across one that said; ‘my heart has been broken by a guy I never even dated…’ and though the world has an endless supply of deep and meaningful quotes (neither of which that one was) this one resonated with me.


Beauty will never be justified by how you look on the outside alone, so if you’re waiting to get validation on how beautiful you are based on height, skin-colour, ethnicity and anything else which you have no control over, you are in danger of denying your soul the nourishment it deserves.


However, it is not my place to alleviate your suffering when all you did was elevate mine. That said, let me assure you that I am okay. Do not undermine ‘okay’ for okay is alive, it means that I am still here and having felt what it was like to hit absolute rock bottom, I now treasure okay because it carried the light back into my existence when I needed it the most.


…but it also brought an element of change and compramise into my life whereby I see children and smile, but no longer dream of motherhood. I feel the happiness in a wedding and join in the celebrations, but never imagine myself as the bride. I applaud the people all around me hoping for a bright and happy future whereas I seem to have lost the ability to dream.



  1. I see this happening to my blog. While about half a year ago it was full of “deep” poems and quotes, now it’s turned to a ramble place for me. And I ain’t regretting it. Irl I can’t come up with this stuff on the fly so there’s no point trying to sound philosophical here. Irl I’m the verbal equivalent of a shitpost generator so makes sense having a shitpost online persona.
    Btw those old quotes of yours are really nice.

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