I attempt to guess 8 things that people dislike about me*

Because that’s a healthy activity to do, clearly. Read: it is not, please don’t try this at home. 

1. I am very emotional. This makes people uncomfortable, I think.

2. I am slow af. I do everything at a royal like pace. You know those people that walk slow infront of you at the mall? That’s me. I have little legs, ok?

3. I over share online. I am aware of this in case you were concerned for my well being. I like to think it’s okay because I hide behind this anonymity cloak but even that’s slipping now. Stupid trusting self.

4. I am overly anxious about everything. Driving, socialising, bowling (!!) which makes me an awkward person to be around / include in events. Hence why I seldom impose myself on anyone.

5. I almost never make the 1st move i.e. I hardly message people first. I always wait to be messaged which makes me sound like the biggest prick on the planet. It’s not even cockiness. It’s legit because if I feel like I’ve disturbed anyone it plays on my mind all day. On the flipside though, if anyone messages me, even if I am busy I make time. Which is stupid. Don’t do that guys.

6. I talk too much especially if you and I are tight. Though, in 2008 I had a bout of silence where I basically said very little for months. It was ah-mazing. I try every year to replicate this experiment but I’m just a chatty ba*tard now.

7. I give people nicknames and terms of endearment without their permission. I don’t mind it done to me per se. But I feel this is something that would annoy people?

8. I swear. A lot.
*please feel free NOT to add to these or confirm or deny them. Think of man’s self esteem I beg you 😂



  1. 5 – who commented on who’s post first? I can’t remember how we became friends on here? Bc I think I’m like you when it comes to not making the first move. But I’m glad one of us made the first move bc you’re pretty cool to talk to!!

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