Bear with me – it’s my day off

-So what do I do? I come to annoy the 0.5 of you who read these crappy posts. God bless for the support though yeah.

-Eid, for those who celebrated it Sunday (don’t want to get started on the topic of celebrating Eid on different days I’ll lose 0.5 of the 0.5 followers I have) was Alhamdulilah okay. I worried it would be horrible but it was nice. Did nothing like but still. We were all healthy, well and together and that’s what matters.

-I documented Eid on my insta story for those of you who follow me and want to catch the remains of it. This is a free service I am providing. You’re welcome. 

-As for the Eid montage I made and posted on insta then thank you if you showed it love, commented, dm’d me etc. I appreciate the kind words honestly, it was a pain to make. If you showed it no love then you suck obviously but you do you.

-I’ve been contemplating life lately, here we go I know. But it’s hard not to when not one, not two, but three stabbing and shooting incidents happen in the same week five minutes from your house. Somewhere you always drive past. All related revenge types incidents. Just makes me think how long before an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? 

-This is not to mention all the other shit going on around the world as well. May Allah protect us all. What else can I say.

-I’ve been getting really down about it. I have so much to say and off load but I look at the contacts list on my phone and think ain’t nobody on here that I feel like I can talk to and so I lay all my thoughts to rest. Kind of like to an early grave. That’s kindda sad but…

-This lone wolf life style I seem to have embarked on where I eject people from my life one by one so to speak is my problem and nobody else’s. I full on realise this now, well, with some help from my mother who has forever tried to convince me that I’m a loner and I shouldn’t be etc.

-I just came back from a pancake date, which I have been craving all Ramadan, of course I get there and I can’t finish my plate. Does that happen to anyone else?

-I finish work in 4 weeks time and I for one cannot wait. I get a 6 week (ish) break from all the bakwaas at work. I feel like I should use this time wisely but like… doing what. I normally travel but man’s full on skint this year. 

-Aaaaaand that’s all for now.

*crawls back under the covers to hide for what remains of day off*



      1. Bdw this is random I wanted to ask if I am looking to get married at 25 or 26 when should I start looking as some people say I cannot delay marriage for 2 years

      2. The better question of course being who died and made me sheikh. I mean…my knowledge on the subject matter is too limited to be giving you advice, kind enough though you were to ask me. However, I can assure you that being male provides you with the unlimited luxury of doing it whenever you well please. Be that 21, 26, or 70. I wouldn’t worry too much about it, you were born into the culturaly more privileged gender. No matter when you do it, you’ll be fine inshallah.

      3. In sha Allah.Just wanted a sisters point of view as some brothers say I should get married and i do not have to be really rich etc but they said don’t delay

      4. Allah is the best provider. Find you someone who also believes that and you’re golden. But also… save up. You have to have one leg to stand on at least. Marriage isn’t free sadly.

  1. 6 weeks, nice nice. Do you write like a travelogue for your traveling part? I would love to read it to be honest.

    The stabbing incidents are horrific and even more if they are in the vicinity of your home.

    Take care.

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