Grey hairs and burnouts

John Green wrote the following masterpiece of a line, “that’s the thing about pain. It demands to be felt.” And it bloody does you know.

Is everyone feeling ok? I burnt out fully last night and slept from 9:30pm until 5:00am straight which meant that I woke up and realised I didn’t clean up the table after iftaar (sorry Ma) nor did I take Pops to taraweeh (sorry Baba).

I dunno about anyone else but I feel like I have flunked this Ramadan bigtime. There was no focus or drive and now we come the last 10 days, I really am burnt out. I hope ya’ll are having a more productive Ramadan inshallah. Still ya know, the last 10 days is where it’s at. May Allah forgive. Sigh.

I bought a new fan. This is bringing me so much joy. I can’t sleep without fans, even in winter and I think on average I burn out 2 fans a year.

I’ve discovered I am older than a lot of my colleagues you know. Also, my 2nd grey hair is here. No panic. I like my grey hairs. No sarcasm either. 

I’ve been getting some weird comments on blog guys. I’m the quirkiest person I know but some of you are odder than I am for sure. I don’t approve these comments so hopefully no one can see them.

Still no plans for Eid. This makes my heart a little bit sad. Not going to lie. Why’s tam town dull please?

I bought my cat a collar for Eid though. Priorities guys.

I’m being trolled hard by some of you on dm’s yano. Ya’ll act all brave there then act all normal on here. Tsk. I see these games you play. 

Though, someone requested another one of my infamous interview with self posts. I told them they’d have to find me questions I ain’t answered yet. Lolage.

I’ve been to Tesco once since the begining of Ramadan and if you know me… nvm, you don’t know me.

I bought a book that I legit can’t wait to start reading after Ramadan. Haven’t so far because it’s a wasteman chicklit and this is the holy month. Some discipline is still required wasteful with time though I have been lately.

I had to dust off my verbal Urdu skills the other day to speak to a parent with no English. Fyi I understand Urdu but can’t speak it for shite. I looked hard for one of my Pakistani colleagues but nope. So in the end I dabbled and we got there. I apologised for how crap it was. She told me it was better than her English. Win.

*cringes at the painful flashbacks*

I’m annoyed at my lack of skill yano. Everyone has one thing they are good at then there’s me; I exist and breathe and I don’t even do either of those that well.

I feel like everyone should watch the documentary Finding Vivian Myer like even if you don’t like photography you should check it out. It’s fascinating. 

Anyhoo. Have a blessed and productive rest of the month.




  1. This Ramadan wasn’t like the previous one. 😦 Need to really make up for it in these days. </3 Pray for me!
    Awww cute! So we'll see Shadows photo shoot soon? 😉
    wasteman chicklit? XD I'm so bad at slang…I think I get it though!
    And I didn't even BUY the books because no time plus..because if I buy it I know I will start reading.
    Chu karo Tam! 😮 YOU WRITE SO WELL! MashaAllah! ❤


  2. Gah so I’m not the only one – I’ve been frustrated with myself for a long time now. People always have this one thing they’re good at and I’m rambling my way trying to figure out what I have, and it doesn’t help that people around are pure winning life away.
    Idk Ramadan this time – I feel like I’ve been lost in the whole “what does religion mean to me?” question and not in the negative way dw but like gah idk but listen trust me I’m worse off than you are so it’s okay. Give yourself a break. It doesn’t matter, you’re allowed to do that. Allah is still on your side.

    1. I sincerely hope so. He’s on both our sides inshallah. We are weak and he is all forgiving so inshallah Khair. Anyway. I get you about winning life and I’m sat on the couch watching it all happen like “dw guys you go ahead I’ll catch up.” But do I move? Do O heck? 😂

  3. Tell me about it ! Grey hair ,I have stopped coloring almost an year now and everyone in my family is onto their knees pleading that I color them ASAP 😀 you know our desi parents and relatives they cant appreciate natural beauty and things LOL .I am so sarcastic today but I have promised them for this Eid to see a brand new me with a haircut and color .

  4. Shadow’s collar and your grey hair … No pun intended, these got my attention the most.

    Then there is the Urdu and I can assure that those parents who didn’t know English legit would not know Urdu either but yes your Urdu is fine dw.

    This Ramadan was tough or maybe just different than previous one for me at least, I hope Allah accepts our sacrifice and hardwork, sorry for commenting on this old post, just read it now.

    Stay blessed.

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