-So, I’ve done a mini disappearing act again. Mini being the key word. Work as usual is one of the culprits.

-I’m watching this Turkish soap opera that’s bled me dry emotionally you know. I’ve spent the last couple of hours crying. Because Tam gets too emotionally involved and then curses herself for it.

-Ramadan is coming soon and I am brickin’ it. Like legit worried. My anger is easily triggered during Ramadan and if I lose my rag once I really don’t know how to recover.

-Nothing new ever happens in my life, or it hasn’t in a while, but something big might soon if God wills it to. I might be moving out. I won’t go into it too much but let’s just say living alone will be interesting. My mother is already telling me I won’t hack it 

-Summer is upon us and the sheer heat is too. I tell a lie; it’s been raining. But it’s humid especially when your room is in the attic. I sleep with the windows open. This morning a wasp flew into my room at 5:30am and I literally jumped out of bed and tried to shoo it out with a slipper.

-The incident was so traumatic my windows are now firmly shut and I am roasting. Why do you hate summer they ask me… *rolls eyes* the fan is useless and ACs don’t exist in England.

-I’ve been the “victim” of some interesting gossip at work lately. And I honestly am no longer shocked at how low people can get.  

-I feel like I share too much on here but it was okay because I was 100%  anonymous. Now a couple of you know what I look like, a few of you know my name and where I live and this makes me feel weirder writing some stuff out. Because some of ya’ll know the real (ish) me now.

-That said, I am not that tmi compared to some people who are comfortable to go all out on blog. Nothing’s wrong with that of course, I am all for live and let live.

-That said again, here goes something I’ve never shared before. A few years ago. Like a good few years ago. There was talks of me marrying this… fellow human. It was very early stages so alhamdulilah it didn’t have time to go far before it fell spectacularly apart.

-I recieved intelligence that he got married recently. I’m not gonna be one of those pansies that says I wish him well because I wish him nothing. Not good or bad. He doesn’t even make it to my thought process anymore. He told me once that he put me in the dustbin of the past. I thought it was harsh but I think I know what he meant now… You know when just wanna go up to someone and say; I’d like those years back in which I did nothing but mourn your loss though? Yeah, that.

-Such a waste of life. Which I wasted voluntarily when we strip the situation down to its bare minerals but still. I’d like those years back. I suppose he would too. Toxic times. 

-I am weary of people who try to change me (“for the better”) so I can fit their mould of what is acceptable. Take me as I am. Flaws and all. Otherwise walk away and leave me be.

-I’m teaching fractions tomorrow. I am not that excited about it. I have had to revise a lot before I teach it…

-And finally, I don’t know how to say this, but I honestly feel like my time on blogsphere has come to an end. When I started this blog, I was inspired AF having recently come back from a thought provoking trip to Yemen and you can see this when you read that post. However, almost four years and 600 followers later, I fear there is not much left to say.

-I’m not going to make some dramatic speech StarPlus though I am. Knowing me, something will piss me off tomorrow and I will come back and rant to you all about it. I won’t deactivate the account. But I suspect I won’t be around as much anymore… so yeah. 

Take care people.

Tam x



  1. I got go so excited when I saw a email  notification saying you uploaded a new post. I hope your okay sending lots of Duaa’s and positive thoughts your way.
    Please don’t stop blogging I love reading your posts especially the rants beacuse 80% of the time I can relate.

  2. Ramadan Mubarak! ❤
    I'm actually angry at you for leaving. 😦 I hope you come back soon.
    Maybe near the end of Ramadan or something? I will miss your posts sooo soo much! 😦
    Hope you will remember me in your prayers. ❤
    I remember parts of when I first saw your blog, I'm really glad it found it! Thank you, Tam! Smile! 🙂

    1. You’re sweet thank you.. who knows maybe I will come back when I feel less dead inside lol trust me, I’ll be ranting before you know it. Everyone will be like this whinger again, I thought she left 😜 x

      1. Welcome! Yes you BETTER come back soon! <.< Don't care what anyone says.
        You need to write.Just do it! 😛
        Thurs was my independence day (I mean my exams ended). Please pray for my results. :3
        Hope your Ramadan will be good In sha Allah.Take the time to heal. 🙂

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