The Uniqely Me Tag; an attempt

I say an attempt because in reality I don’t think I am unique at all. I am in fact very ordinary. I am that person who blends into the background and people don’t really notice. I don’t mean that in a self deprocating way before the Positive Police jump on my case, I just mean I am very quiet. If unique meant weird maybe I would be unique because boy am I weird. Nonetheless Tehreem was kind enough to think of my name when nominating so I shall attempt to list some things that make Tam unique.

-I don’t nominate anyone or follow nomination rules for awards, let’s start with that, does that make me unique or just troublesome?

-Let’s see, personality wise, I am frequently told I am funny for someone who spends a lot of their time looking pissed off or sad. These are not false accusations. I do always look angry.

-I am more masculine than feminine. My mother often introduces me to people as her eldest son. I hate dresses, make up and jewellery. I live in jeans and shirts. I only wear nail polish to disguise my distressed anaemic nails.

-I have this… I don’t wanna say manly voice. But it’s not delicate exactly. Let’s call it unique lol. People often tell me I sound like my dad, which is… charming.

-I have a funny non-accent despite living in England for a while now. It doesn’t sound like anything. Brits always tell me it’s American. Americans tell me it’s not. I dunno.

-I try to be helpful. Being nice to people is like a mission for me. It’s nearly landed me in trouble a few times. Stopping for questionable hitch hikers on crutches at midnight on deserted roads and what not…

-I am fluent in two languages and can converse in another two semi decently. I taught the latter two to myself through television and films. No books.

-I can’t talk to people on the phone. I will text and email you until my fingers fall off but talking verbally is normally a no* for me. I’ve made exceptions but I’ve mostly lived to regret them.

-I am and Indian (technically) who has never been to India.
*not because I sound like a man. I’m just awkward lol…



  1. This was sooo fun to read and I can relate with the no jewllery, makeup shizz as well as the one of not talking on call or phone. Thats totally me. But some of those points are just sooo unique, i m actually glad i nominated u!:D

  2. Ohh cool you know so many languages then! MashaAllah.
    So let me guess one is English the other is Arabic or Hindi?
    The other two which you taught yourself one has to be Turkish right? What else, french? 😛
    You are unique. ❤

  3. lol, yeah for your self deprecating humour you are Queen of it and i love reading it:D Jokes apart most of the thing you have mentioned , feels like you are strong girl !

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