Nothing Positive to See Here

-It would appear that 48 hours alone at home makes the voices in your head do over time. Still, there’s something peaceful about being home alone.

-Work is driving me crazy. And there are no seniors that want to make the time to address this crazyness because let’s face it no one wants to hear that you are not coping well at work. I am worried I am close to burning out. The last time this happened the doctor signed me off with stress.

-I can’t leave work becuase money is much needed, I have a lot of expenses hovering over my head like a black cloud. Ergo, I feel trapped between a rock and a hard place.

-If you’re wondering if these points will get more positive, I can’t make any promises, so you know, leave if you are getting annoyed… lolage.

-I bought my mum a shoe cabinet to replace the one that broke. She asked me to either put it together or ask my dad’s friend to. I accepted defeat and called my dad’s friend. As my dad’s health does not allow him to do handyman jobs and my brother is… a fictional character in this house.

-Anyway, this uncle, he jokes, “Tam, I’d have thought you’d put this cupboard together yourself knowing you.” And, I actually cried when he left. This is how much having to rely on others’ messes me up. I was angry at me not him obviously.

-I hate Facebook. When I started my current job, I had a hunch that having Facebook would be a bad idea so I just stopped logging on to it for years. The few times I have succumbed it has given me nothing but crap news. So tonight, 6 years later, I finally deactivated it.

-Changing for anyone is pretty much a waste of time. People lecture you for listening to music coz its haram. Fast forward a few years their status says; the only religion we need is music. 

-Other people say they won’t marry you because you wear jeans. Then they marry the girl that wears a vest outdoors. So don’t change for people. Ever. 

-I’m so, so tired.



  1. Haha Tam it is fine if your post doesn’t have positivity! It always makes me laugh. 😀 So thank you for that! ❤
    Hahahaha fictional character! XD Aaw 😦 you're probably the third person whom I know cried today. But it is okay to cry sometimes. ( I tried to explain Baba this but it didn't work…(

    And I do not have Facebook. Wohoo. But I still manage to waste my life.
    It isnt good to listen to music and yeahhh change happens fast.It is almost shocking isn't it?
    You're right we shouldn't do alot of stuff for people.

  2. Speaking of fictional characters, did you see Brown Girl’s video of girls vs boys? Lol it’s the same in every family. Boys will always be the kings of the house.

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