The Blue Sky Tag: Questions from Inks :)

1-What is one small thing that can make you smile? When I’m driving in Autumn and a leaf just falls gracefully onto my wind shield.

2-What was the name of the last book that you read? How was it? Small Great Things – Jodi Picoult; excellent.

3-Alot of people NEED coffee or tea to begin their day. Don’t you think that it is right if someone says that they should be more dependent? πŸ˜› Yeah, no I need tea. No arguments there. Migraine without it.

4-If you were to learn a new language which one would it be? Italian.

5-Are you an early bird or a night owl? Night Owl. I fantasize about being an early bird though.

6-What do you like most about blogging? I think the interaction with all of you outside blogsphere. DM crew where you at? Though, with some people I do think, “we really should have left it at WordPress…” oh well, too late now.

7-What’s your best childhood memory? My parents buying me this comic book to read EVERY Wednesday. Maajid Magazine.

7-If you hear the word beautiful what comes to your mind? The view from my happy place. 

8-If you think of the word terrible what comes first in your head? War.

9-Are you thinking I am out of questions now? πŸ˜› Nah, I can see 10 and 11 😜

10-Would you rather go the moon or under the ocean? Explain why! The moon. Because if you know Tam, you know she is OBSESSED with the moon. 

11-What country are you from? Yemen.



  1. I recently discovered your blog and boy I am totally hooked, from your nonchalant writing style to the obnoxious sarcasm sprinkled here and there-all I can say is ahmazingg! Reading your answers was a great experience!

  2. Ohh I have so many books to read! I will add this to the list In sha Allah if I don’t forget. πŸ˜›
    I know soooo many people who want to learn Italian. πŸ˜€
    Well I dream of being a night owl. XD
    Yesss I know TAM LOVES THE MOON! I even remember you took such an AHMAZING picture of the moon that made me so happy! ❀ BTW love this pic. πŸ˜€

  3. I don’t need coffee or tea … I hate tea but love Coffee but not dependant on it. It’s okay if you’ll get migraine without it, maybe because I do understand the excruciating pain it causes.

    I’m definitely an early bird, yes even I can assure that you’re an owl.

    War in fact is terrible πŸ˜” really really horrific and terrible.

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