Got me feeling some kindda way

-I tell you what. I am having a week that has so far consisted of a series of unfortunate events so let’s hope it picks up. Throw a Duaa or a happy thought my way.

-It’s coming up to that time in the year where the heat just doesn’t know when to quit. Everyone loves summer. But I am pretty sure I get S.A.D. in summer you know. Yes I know that’s not actually possible. 

-This moon photo I took a while ago is popular amongst some of you. So I have atttached it for your viewing pleasure again. You’re welcome.

-I don’t mean for these posts to have a negative feel. But like, I created this blog, on some level, to have an outlet for my ranting. So some negativity is inevitable. Sorry not sorry.

-I reconnected with an old friend recently who I lost contact with and she was wondering why we drifted apart the way we did given we were close af. She said things like time and circumstances and what not. And though I agree with all of it, I’ve always believed that it’s all about priority. We’re all busy but if you care, you make time to make an effort. If you’re not bothered (and that’s not a bad thing) you eventually just forget. That thought is never popular though when I voice it out loud. So I went with something suitably generic and socially appropriate; “oh yeah, life happens doesn’t it.

-During a revision session for an English test, a child was testing my patience with constant chatting so I told him, “Adam, seriously you’re making my ears bleed.” He looked at me all confused and then smirked like he had a light bulb moment and said, “Ahh, metaphor.” I’ve never gone from livid to amused so fast. Ever. 

-My search for good red velvet cake continues. Le sigh. 

-I love words. If I read a book, I collect quotes from it, same with films, shows, conversations I hear on the bus. It’s becoming an addiction. Then I post them on social media because sharing is caring and I get DMs asking me if the quote is about them. Like fam, can’t a girl be emosh in peace these days?

-I have been looking at some comments on here lately, not my posts, just generally on wordpress. Random conversations people have and the flirting between these two bloggers has been making me laugh a lot. I also cringed and prayed to God that my comments and replies don’t look like that πŸ˜…

-People who take you for granted are the worst. I’m going through a phase where I am slowly but surely ejecting them out of my life. And there are some people I am letting go of that I never thought I would.

-I have finally watched 13 Reasons Why and I had to actually stop myself dedicating an entire post to it because sometimes I go overboard on here. So after a cool down period, here’s what I think;

-It’s a good show and an entertaining viewing experience. They keep things fast paced and interesting making you constantly want to know more. However, I am slightly concerned with the impression it’s leaving on some young people. It has made suicide look thrilling in away (there I said it!) and in the hands of a suicidal person that’s a potentially catastrophic thought to have and run away with. I’m not even going to go into how graphically visual the whole thing was. There was just no need for that at all.

-My cat is the only “person” that is keeping me sane these days. She’s a violent little thing but I am really fond of her.

-Ramadan is coming up and I am legit scared. I’m not good with temper during that month. It’s like my system knows I shouldn’t get angry but I do. Then there’s migraines and overwhelming fatigue and allergies to the heat. God help us all.

-Final thought for today; there is nothing like lying down in your own bed (in a darkish room) after a long day. Alhamdulilah.



  1. Throws a couple of duas! ❀
    I don't like the heat but summer means summer vacation soo hehe. πŸ˜€
    Haha thanks for the moon pic! ❀
    I think it really is about priority! I am soooo with you on this point!! It's so sad but true. 😦
    Ahahaha Adams reply was cool. Really made me laugh. πŸ˜„
    The I love words…so me!! πŸ˜‰
    WHAT TAM?? WHAT? you finished watching 13 reasons why? All of it?
    Ameen May Allah SWT make it easy for us.
    And such a nice thought! A great reminder. ❀ Alhamdulilllah.

      1. Welcome. ❀
        What episode? I didn't even decide if I should watch it or read it yet.
        Idk some people were saying it is like tooo dark.
        Or what if I read it instead of watching it.Idk.

      2. Hmm, now you mention it I do remember the convo we had about it. I don’t think I would bother with the book. The show’s more visual. As for it being dark. I can’t even sugar coat it. Some scenes were like yo, slow down with this ish.

      3. Aww bless. I don’t miss the student days. I hope Allah makes it easy for you. May you breeze through it and soon have time for yourself inshallah x

  2. I pray that whatever is troubling you transforms into something beautiful. Ameen. I couldn’t help but comment on the summer bit, its sooo hot here and I am hating it or if thats too strong a word then at least disliking summer with a great passion. So, I can feel you! Also I share your obsession of moon (include stars there) so thanksss for that pic. I nominated you for a tag so don’t forget to check it out^-^

    1. Aww will do! Thanks for the prayers much needed. Sigh… summer bugs me in so many ways and this is never a popular opinion so nice to see someone who agrees lol!

      1. I am gearing myself up for knowing you more through your posts insha’Allah so I am sure I’ll find more places where we agree haha. Also I’d make it a point to include you in my prayers so that it eases for both of us^-^

  3. The positive post about our Transgender community visit is coming your way, too much positivity amongst all the failures and tragedies, I’m warning already.

  4. Just like you I love words too. I am always looking out for them especially ones that make you think and open your eyes. I hope you’re going good in sha’Allah πŸ™‚

    And I’m trying to send you positive energy. I just don’t have a lot myself so. Duas for me too.
    And priority exactly.
    So you finally get along with your cat. Good for you.

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