Mystery Blogger Award…

-response, ish.

So I am in the vet’s waiting room desperately in need of distracrion because there are dogs EVERYWHERE. Though I am schedueling this to be posted tonight so by the time you read this I should be in bed, in theory. I got nominated by Supernaturlasnark for this award which is super nice; thank you. Not to brag but I was the 1st name on the list of nominees 😏

Seriously though I am flattered people still nominate me for these things because I never follow the rules and only answer the questions. Hashtag rebel or you know, rude person. Without further ado;

3 things about me… that you guys don’t already know? Sigh. Let’s see.

1. Tam is jealous by nature. Like obscenely so.

2. Tam can be competely silent for a scary amount of time. Which if you have the pleasure of being with me on DMs (you’re welcome) you won’t believe coz I can chat for England. It’ true though.

3. Tam… refers to herself in the 3rd person apparently. But also. She isn’t inherently good. So she will always try and make up for this by doing overly nice things.

1. Fave Backstreet Boys song? Excellent question; All I have to give.

2. If you had a superpower what would it be and why? Time travel. Back to the 70s to see what the hype was about in my parents day. They keep talking about the good times. I wanna see for myself.

3. If I offered you the chance to become invisible or a million dollars which one would you accept? The money. I’m already invisible.

4. Have you ever eaten ice cream with a fork? No, but I wrote a book where the main character did that… how bizarre 🤔 shoutout to Sinan ladies. Who else misses that bugger? 😂

5. Can you touch your nose with your tongue? That would be a no… apparently *proceeds to wipe saliva off nose*

My best post is… my first one will always be close to my heart though the writing is shocking. Statistically though it’s THE PROBLEM WITH AREANGED MARRIAGES – which surprises me actually. See ya’ll complain when I whinge about marriage but you secretly love it.



  1. Haha I hope you survived, then, with all those dogs…
    Your first post (the Yemen one, right?) is truly AMAZING. Especially the pictures.

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