Baby tell me how did you get so cold…

-I have been gone all of three days. Fess up, who missed me?

-It’s been a nice albeit unproductive long weekend for me. I caught up with some forms and emails but that’s about it. 

-I think having a cat makes me get out of bed earlier you know. She’s locked in one room until I go and open all the doors for her so I feel obliged to get up early. She still scares my parents you see.

-I only realised 20 mins ago that I actually have work tomorrow. Feels like you have time off when you don’t work on Monday.

-Should I watch 13 Reasons Why? everyone’s reccomending it to me. I’m intrigued. I’d want to read the book 1st though.

-Speaking of reading. I am alarmed by how much of a slow reader I have become. Once upon a time I used to finish long books in a matter of hours. I’m currently reading Shantaram. So like 900ish pages. No pressure.

-My next read is going to be Letters to the Lost. It has letters in it, clue’s in the title. Epistolary novels are my favourite kind of book. I love letters. I’ve always had a major thing for handwritten ones. 

-I just coughed which reminded me that a throat update was due for all you lovely people who recomended so many home remedies to me. My friend (the doctor) came to see me today and had a look at my throat. Having heard my symptoms, she thinks it’s acidity making it’s way up to my throat and irritating it into coughing. For me it feels worse than just acidity but she’s the medic. I just had some Lansoprazole so let’s hope I don’t wake up coughing again tonight.

-I watched a video on how to tell your cat you love it. I didn’t seek this video out I swear. But anyway. Apparently a lot of slow-mo blinking is invovled. So I tried it on my cat as you do and I swear she tilted her head at me as if to say, “Tam, are you stoned?”

-I cannot believe it is May already. How? May Allah make this May easy on my system. Say Ameen. On the bright side, two more months of school then freedom.

-The photo featured in this post is a canvas my friend gifted me that she got from Cyprus. She says the souvenier shop had canvases of flowers and she couldn’t get me them because, “Tam’s not a flowery kind of person.” She said the one she chose screamed Tam. A lone set of cabins at sunset? I agree.

-On the topic of gifts, I’ve made a concious decision to only buy people things that I know will get used.  We own so much stuff that we want but don’t need. I want a polaroid camera but honestly, I don’t need one. At all. A friends birthday is coming up actually. Anyone ever get a super useful gift I can be inspired by?

-I am becoming very interested in seeing me through other people’s eyes. How other people see me is an eye opener. 

-I am itching to write about something but I have no idea what. Help.

-Taking Shadow to the vet tomorrow. Dear God please don’t let any dogs come near me in the waiting room. Ameen.

Signed: a ranting woman… apparently.



    1. Hmm, I’m gonna look it up and see what’s up. Thank you, I thought I replied to your comment already. Must have dreamed it lol.

  1. Let’s do this, now that I finally have time.

    – Shadow deserves such care. 😊

    – I have started learning a new language from Monday, hold your horses lad. Programming language. 😅

    – Doctors’ job is tough, looking inside someone’s throat would be pretty weird – I can imagine. Hopefully you recover soon. Ameen.

    – You have communicated today that you sincerely love your cat for trying that act sincerely. 😊👌

    – Professional studies never stop at anytime of the year so poor me lol. But I love work, I can’t even think of not going to work so it’s good. 😊

    – The canvas is amazing, I thought its a random one.

    – I can’t come up with the gift, I sincerely do not know who to give and what type of a life they have, and basically anything – how can you expect Ranting Woman (apparently) that people would be able to suggest gifts with no clue at all whom the gift is to be? 🙄

    – It can be a pain to have dogs nearby your pet cat. Our neighbours have a big dog just tied outside their house and one of the elements of his job description is to catcall at cats passing nearby 😂. I can’t blame him for he is made like that, can’t help.

    I should stop (there is nothing else to mention Bilal – rightttttt 😑).

    1. Aye my bad. The gift is for a fellow 30 year old lady. Though even with this knowledge I know you still won’t have anything to suggest. I survived the room full of 10 dogs… by asking to be seated in a seperate room. I was shaking with fear *shudder*

      1. I still can’t think of anything.

        Oh that’s bad, were they all barking at seeing Shadow or just growling or just making grrr sounds – they all are pretty scary tho.

  2. Heeey! Everyone has been telling me to watch 13 reasons why as well.I also would prefer reading the book but they are saying that book isn’t as good as the movie. 😛
    The painting is beautiful! ❤
    😀 Anything can be a gift.
    Ohh I am praying there are no dogs. 😦 😦

    1. Well, I better catch it soon you know. Schools in the UK are advising parents not to let kids watch it coz it glorifies suicide so I bet it gets taken down soon! The vets went ok Alhamdulilah!

  3. I didn’t like 13 reasons why, I got bored after reason number 2. Maybees im old or my expectations were too high…it was naff. Its like ‘you blinked at me…here’s your tape.’ Ouch!

  4. I have cold from past two days! and now it started itching in the throat, someone please tell how to scratch inside my throat .. annoying feeling , i am already waiting for the weekend , i want to sleep all day ..n good you had a check with your doc friend! I hope you are feeling better now !!

  5. When I used to have a cat, I found not only was she a good reason to wake up early but also the reason I woke up 4 times a night to tend to little madam’s ever changing mind. 😂 I remember being exhausted all day from sleep deprivation. And ditto with the slow reading thing. We’re getting old Tam. x

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