Genius is about knowing when to stop

-Bank Holiday Weekends are the one. Going to bed on a Friday night knowing you don’t have to work Monday is a gift. One I cherish. A lot.

-I nearly called in sick today because well, I am sick but mostly I just wanted a day off for mental wellbeing. I eventually decided against it and come the end of the day, I feel I probably made the right choice. Alhamdulilah.

-I dunno what to do for these 3 days coming up. I want to have another decluttering mission. But I have already gotten rid of SO much. Even the charity shop is rejecting my stuff. I have gone from being a hoarder to a… get-ridder real quick. I am not materialistic. Mashallah me. Give me awards pls.

-I don’t actually know why my posts have taken this epistolary, journalesque quality of late. Because laziness I think and also, nothing to write about. Though I do have a post cooking up in drafts about Chai Waala so watch this space…. heh heh heh.

-What’s everyone’s plans for Ramadan blogwise? Ya’ll gonna post? I dunno yet tbh. Two years ago, I posted everyday. Last year, I had little to say. Also if you observe Ramadan in a predominantly Muslim country. Count your blessings. Le sigh.

Speaking of giving stuff up. I’ve read recently that breaking patterns is essentially what we need to do as soon as we get used to something. It keeps you healthy and whilst I hate the withdrawal symptoms, genius really is about knowing when to stop.

-I am so bored with life right now. I want something exciting to happen. At the same time I like the calm and I don’t want the storm.

-Random (she says like none of this is random) my uncle used to always say that the way to a woman’s heart is a word of kindness. I laughed at the time and said, “nah, takes alot more.” Then I grew up and realised that actually, that really is all it takes for a woman to open her heart. Yet somehow men will still find ways to f**k that up.

-I still feel bad when I delete a video you send me on whatsapp without watching it but fam. Storage. Memory. Full. Wastage. Time. Arghhhhh.

-I will forever love to learn about people and their life stories. I think I freak people out with how many questions I ask them when I first meet them. Provided I like them. Otherwise you is getting silent treatment which is what one of my degrees is in. Other one; sarcasm.

-Loyalty is a thing. But people are always, regardless of how loyal they are, bound to let you down eventually. It’s human nature. And this is including me. This is why we have it drilled into our heads not to attach ourselves to anything worldly. It’s all temporary. And yet what do we go and do…? 

-So apparently ramen noodles are bad for you. Like a lot. I am devestated to hear this. I’m still a student at heart when it comes to food; noodles, sanwiches and toast.

-Communication works sometimes. I hate confrontation but talking sometimes solves problems as much as it scares me.



  1. Are you alright?

    This post is quite different than your usual self. Even the rhythm of writing was different, those who really can’t fathom the difference in tone have either not read your posts carefully enough or just don’t care but I can definitely feel some change.

    It’s not bad my any means though so don’t worry about it too much.

    Silent treatment from anyone you care about can be really dreadful and depressing but that’s​ how life works in this and it’s best we don’t fall for it.

    Our Monday is also off, Yay! But the reason is different, it’s Labour Day here but isn’t labour day in the whole world. I’m sure Pakistan didn’t invent labour day. Oh well, please give your throat rest or something to get better on this long weekend.

    1. See, you will probably spend your Monday doing something productive and noble. Me? I’ll eat and sleep haha. Yay for no work Mondays though lol.

      1. Lol Mondays are so nice in real.

        I’m not so sure about that, you shouldn’t expect all that good from me. 😓

  2. Welcome to the world of get-ridder of stuff. I went through this phase last summer and I can’t stop getting rid of things now…Sometimes I think maybe it would be nice to hold on to this ticket or this souvenir or card, as a memory to look back on later…but then I’m like who you kiddin mate when are you ever going to have the spare moment to sit back and look at this, chuck it in the bin lol x

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