Oh dear God.

-First of all, massive shout out to ya if you were one of the people that kept me company during my hours of insomnia Sunday night.

-I just about made it to work Monday; six minutes late. But I made it. I really didn’t think I would.

-Reason being. I was up until about 6:00am Sunday night /  Monday morning which is when I started to feel sleepy. Come 7:30am I was REALLY struggling to get out of bed because I was essentially drunk on sleep.

-No panic attacks but lots of coughing fits. I had paracetamol but that’s all I can think of. Other than honey and lemon, does anyone have any other remedys for a cough that won’t piss off?

-I was put on hold today for, wait for it, FOURTY-FIVE minutes with the vet to get my kitten an appointment for jabs only to be told that the only appointments they could offer me is when I am working. I mean, she wasn’t even trying to be helpful when I mentioned this. She just goes, “oh, so… you don’t want the appointment then?” Ugh.

-When I do eventually magic the time to take Shadow I am petrified of a) getting her into her pet carrier and b) sitting in a waiting room with dogs. I can’t even deal with dogs. I’m talking 0 tolerance.

-People say to me, “tam you’re obsessed with talking about marriage for someone who hates it.” I mean, maybe? But that’s coz people ALWAYS bring it up! I mean the Subway guy just asked me when I’m getting married. Like… all I wanted was a sandwich. You can’t make this shit up.

-He wouldn’t accept my response, “never coz it’s crap.”

-It’s funny how much of a good French lesson you can teach (with literally 0 French knowledge) when you have the accent nailed. I only know bébé and that’s because I call Shadow it all the time.

-My shoulder and neck hurt. I need to invest in another pillow and an electric blanket for that matter. Like it was bloody 3° this morning. It’s nearly May for God’s sake.

-Oh God it’s nearly May 😧 

-And on that note. I must get back to work. Lunch is over. 



  1. I had that bit of insomnia yesterday night, cant sleep after 3 am,felt sleepy around 6! kicked myself to wake up today! now am so dead in office ! Someone drop me home please !! i have asked you before as well to get it checked if it is not an allergy instead of just a cough ! its been long ..Only IF YOU WILL LISTEN TAM 😀 , Try turmeric milk at night,may be that can help you !

    1. You and like 10 other people 😂… I hate the doctors man. My work wont give me time to go and evening appointments are next to none 😧 I can’t drink milk yano. Makes me gag.

      1. lol!! then stop complaining 😀 , Try clove and cinnamon as well in your Tea along with your ginger ! Have you tried Mulethi 😀 ? Dont know if you even know it, may be you can find it in indian/pakistani store , here is the magic recipe -> A mix of 1/4 teaspoon honey, 1/4 teaspoon mulethi powder and 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon with water had twice daily in the morning and evening works wonders,! my mother used to give me , was work ing quite well.

      2. I meaaaan. Let’s be honest. If I stop complaining you wouldn’t have any entertaining to content to read 😎 aye I’ll try anything at this point. I mean I don’t know what it is but I’ll ask Google in a bit.

  2. I’m just going to smile and nothing else 😊.

    And massive shoutout to Subway guy … 😂. You only wanted a poor sandwich haha 😂.

    Take care of your throat please.

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