Cough, Cough…

-I’m in London. I’ve not been here in time. And when I say London, I mean I’m like 15 minutes away from Heathrow so all in all not in London at all. More like Slough.

-I don’t miss tam town per se. I do miss Shadow, my kitten, however.

-I wish I could say I had a good night’s sleep… but, I seem to have caught a cough off my sister and let’s just say that it a) wouldn’t let me sleep and b) legit woke me up when I finally did manage some sleep. I’m so tired and achy this morning.

-Let me tell you this though, electric blankets are hella special…

-My mum’s been trying to put me off the idea of living alone by narrating in full detail how my cousin got burgled the other day by some Indian guy who broke into her house.

-My aunty has cornered me last night to say, “Oi tam, what’s this? You’re 30, khalas (enough) time to get married. Marriage is nice you know. Company, company.” I legit laughed out loud. She was not impressed.

-I cannot believe that my system has chosen now to fall sick when I have been off work for the last 2 weeks.

-Speaking of which, work on Monday. There are no words to describe how much I can’t even deal…

-These people that claim to love work. Fam, who is funding these lies you tell and will they invest in me?

– I had my tea this morning overlookig my aunty’s large garden. This is a rare treat. We don’t have a garden. Well we have a shared one that we fenced ourselves off as the neighbours were not being very neighbourly. So we ended up with nothing.

-Filling out forms is not the one. I hate it. There’s always something one there you don’t know the answer to.

-I’ve been thinking of disabling the like button on blog. 

-A friend who reads this blog dm’d me the other day saying, “tam, you reckon all your commenters read every word you post?” This got me thinking.

-I have been getting a lot of dm’s from you guys in the last few days. Thank God for instagram lol.

-I have made some good friends on here. I was counting you all yesterday and was astounded by the number actually.

-I’m running out of things to waffle on about and on that note…



  1. Haha disabling the like button – we are in the same team πŸ™‚

    I love work and no one is funding me lol πŸ™‚

    Oh that’s good that you have been off work for all this time πŸ™‚

    (I should stop smiling so much – okay i’ll try)

    Burgled by Indian guy – I would legit be scared but you’re a grown up so don’t be scared (Wait what did I just mean there – Lets just leave it on this question, no idea bilal, no idea)

    The garden seems so nice and is that a trampoline, you should totally have fun on it? I’m sure you are not that old to try it out.

    1. -There’s a lot of old references on here that I am just going to skip πŸ˜’

      -Hmm, make duaa for me to love work too in that case.

      -My head’s pounding. Me and the trampoline are staying away from one another today.

      -Yes, the disabling the like button is defo something I am looking into. It would be very miserable of us to do it Bilal. You do know this?

      1. hmm alright.

        You will start liking it when you choose your own profession rather than allowing others to choose it for you.

        oh poor soul. May Allah bless you with health and take away your headache, Ameen.

        How would it be miserable? We both hate people liking our posts rather they should comment appropriately.

  2. Acha temme what does your teacup say. πŸ˜› I like things that I have something written on them. ❀
    Awwh Im sure Shadow misses you and your lappy (to sleep on). XD
    Electric blankets??
    Disabling likes button because it gives alot of notifications?
    Yeah I do read every word you post. πŸ˜€

    1. It says tea lol. I doubt Shadow misses me but I shall pretend she does. Electric blankets. Lemme tell you. Game changer. Never will I sleep with cold feet again. Nah coz people like but don’t comment so I don’t know what they are thinking lol aww sweetness I do too x

      1. And just what you were saying I could have gotten sick during holidays but no it had to be the week with three tests! 😦
        Anyway I just hope it doesn’t become worse.

  3. Why’d you want to disable the like button? That’s kinda sad. Maybe some people don’t comment because what they’re thinking is insignificant. Or they just don’t have anything to say. So they just like your posts. Or they just don’t know how to write what they’re thinking. Ok I have to stopπŸ™„
    Like the idea of having an electric blanket. Had to sleep with cold feet the entire winters.

    1. We should all invest in electric blankets you know. I’m not going to lie. I buy them for people all the time but never for me. Story of my life lol. I mean I won’t disable it. I like to interact with people but sometimes I feel they stick to the like coz it’s the lazier option. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it lol.

  4. Yeah I would but the thing is the REAL winters here are actually only two weeks πŸ˜‚ we dont even buy coats.
    It is the lazier option maybe thats why I’m trying to defend it so much Lol πŸ˜‚

  5. For your Cough Tam check if its not an allergy..its been long need to be fine before going to work 😜😜..I am happy we both have instagram tea looks so promising in that cup..i need one now

    1. I am happy to converse with you on insta too πŸ€— I am back at work 😒. And coughing. What does one even do for a cough? Ugh. Paracetamol, honey and lemon. I’ve done it all 😧

  6. It’s 2am and I can not sleep so I thought why not catch up on Tams blog its always entertaining. (I’m pretty excited I have a few posts to catch up on).
    Coughs are a pain in the a** it’s so annoying it just doesn’t want to go away.Β  A remedy I have been recommended (Never tried beacuse I am lazy and impaicent ) is to
    Mix a tablespoon of honey and1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon powder in warm water drink daily for a week.
    I hope your cough has gone by now I’m a month late with the “untested” remedy.

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