12 random details I remember about the night I met you

1. It was a cold ass night in more than one way. Windy af, too.

2. I started the day being happy and content but the night soon took a very sour turn. You know what I mean, I’m sure.

3. I saw a taxi with my name as a number plate. I was so excited I took a photo of it. My cousins were like are you kidding me? But it was cool.

4. The sea was calm. I know this because I was on a ferry earlier that evening, with my cup of tea, watching the noisiest seagulls soaring inches away from my face.

5. I discovered and photographed some kick ass graffiti. The word “love” made a regular appeareance in all of them. Yuck.

6. Before the night got ruined, I had some good conversations actually. The deep kind you know I like. Not unlike (some of) the ones I have with you coz you know we just chat shit 90% of the time.

7. I bought some books in a language I don’t fully understand. Because wasting money like that is my forte. 

8. My brother and I argued a lot that night come to think of it. Story of my bloody life arguing with that kid.

9. I walked a lot that whole day. Like 25,000 steps in awful shoes. I had blisters on both feet, purple blisters. I’m not kidding. I have photos.

10. I said some hurtful things to someone I loved. But they threw some awful truths back in my face as well. That night blew in so many way.

11. I went home alone that night whilst everyone else stayed out together. I cried in the shower. Like a scene from a really cheesy film. Then I sat in bed and went on my phone. Like another scene from another cheesy film.

12. And though we’d only spoken a handful of times in the past, and despite the fact that I tried to find someone else to speak to, something made me text you, “why are people annoying?” to which you, in under thirty seconds, perfectly replied, “because it’s in their job description to be a pain in the ass.” 

I don’t know much about friendship because frankly, it’s hyped. But I feel like if they all started like this, then maybe they’re not so bad. Maybe.



  1. High Five for number 7 and 9 ! I am too motivated to buy books in french but not that motivated to finish reading them 😦 and then for shoes dont ask! I try them in the store they are fine , when I bring them home, they are either tight or loose 😦

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