I just

…called to say, I love you. Jokes. I ain’t said that to anyone in like ever.

-I just sneezed really loud and my kitten jumped and hissed at me. I don’t think it was saying, “bless you” 😔

-I just wrote an amazing post that made me cry. It has to live in drafs until I decide to publish it though.

-I just don’t think I was productive enough this Easter. I still need to wash my car. Ugh. Hate that task.

-I just don’t understand why retro phones are more expensive than modern ones?! Someone know anyone that has an old rotarty phone that functions? Call me. Mind the pun.

-I just shopped for a toilet for my cat coz it’s litter is flying everywhere and my mum makes me hoover everyday because apparently this cat is my responsibility.

-I just don’t understand where the time has gone. I have to be back at work Monday and honestly I am not ready at all.

-I just want… pancakes right now. And soothers because my throat hurts.

-I just can’t wait until I live on my own. Of course knowing me I’ll cry the 1st night coz I’ll miss my mother. 

-I just need a good book to read. Someone needs to write a really good epistolary novel. They used to be my fave.

-I just can’t think of anymore sentences that start with I just, so…

-I just gonna leave now.



  1. Hahaha say meow to Shadow!
    Oyeeh that post needs to be published soon! 😉 And heeey you were writing a story weren’t you? Do it! 😀
    Aaah my thorat hurts too. 😦 I hope it doesn’t turn into fever now. 😦 Take care of yourself!
    I’ll go make myself some ginger tea.
    I wanna read tooo. 😦

    1. Let’s start a book club! Shadow is fast asleep and I keep wanting to sneeze. I need to make some tea too. My ears are hurting. I hope I am not coming down with anything ugh. That post will be published some time in May maybe. As for my 2nd story…. erm, *hides face in shame* I have a writer’s block 🙈

      1. Aww In sha Allah we both get better soon!
        Okay that’s great. 🙂
        Haha you know when you will be ‘unblocked’? When you will feel like umm overwhelmed and busy…like get it? When you will have to do things that you don’t want to…at that time all inspiration will sparkle on you.
        This happens to me. :/

      2. I know. I wrote Sinan and Leyla in the middle of working and doing a course where I had to submit a big ass folder of work. Typical. Ok what do you fancy reading? You thought I was saying but I was serious 😂

      3. Ahaaah see this happens!
        I don’t know. XD I feel like since grade 10 I have started to read less.These days I am really in the mood for reading one of Khalid Hossenis books! 😦 But I am so busy.The problem is if I get a book I just have to finish it (mostly). So I will get the book maybe next week In sha Allah.
        What about you? 😀
        Serious about what. :3

      4. Serious about book club! 😂 I can’t read Khalid Hosseni I get sick and sad and nauseous. It’s too much for my system 😔

      5. Ohh yeah no no I didn’t think you were joking…but I think started thinking something about cats (I have an issue with cats 😦 )
        Haha but I want to read it… 😛 I never read any book.It is fine if I cry, but I finally want to read one of his books.
        Which one is going to make me less sick? Tell me. 😉

  2. haha..love this kitten! I wasnt productive either this Easter but I feel better when not doing anything 😉 Didnt even cook much also, I wanted to bake a dates cake last weekend, which is now postponed to coming weekend! Hay we are already half past the week yay 😉

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